How do I submit a Book for Review?

Have your book reviewed by AAMBC’s book review team. We will read your novel within six to 9 weeks and publish on various sites, Goodreads, B&N, Amazon, Facebook, and as well as our website. Do know reviewers are contracted outlets and that we try our best to ensure all books are reviewed but it is possible for a book to not get reviewed.  Submitted books will not be returned. Send a final copy of your novel, no print outs, or loose leaf submissions. Do not submit a review copy without including synopsis, and contact information. As well do not submit a book no more than 18 months old. Thank you for considering African Americans on the Move Book Club. Please note there is no charge for reviews only. For more questions on reviews email us at [email protected]
The address for sending books will be disclosed to the author once a request for a review is sent to us via email [email protected]

15 thoughts on “How do I submit a Book for Review?”

  1. I’m a upcoming author that trying to display my work to the world but I heard getting your book review will be great for my book. So how can I get our to review my book because I needed. A Friends Rage For Revenge is a street Fiction so just tell me what I need to do so I can submitted to you. thanx.

  2. I’ve completed my guidebook (and currently using my editor’s suggestion and applying them). My book is not published yet. I have 4 chapters which can stand alone as e-books. What is the process for submitting them?
    Yasmin Thomas

  3. I am an African American writer of political thrillers. I have written a new novel, TRACK THREE, a political suspense thriller that I would like to submit to you for review consideration.

    TRACK THREE is the story of a white investigative reporter that is forced by his editor (who is being blackmailed by some bad FBI agents) to go to London to investigate a supposed drug connection. The connection is a British Black street young lady that supposedly is relaying the drug communications from the South American drug cartels on to other Western Europeans in the network. There is no drug connection. This is a ruse to hide the fact that the NSA has had a massive security breach and the theft of National security secrets; a breach that is even bigger than the breach by Edward Snowden and it happens before Snowden’s theft. But the bad FBI guys have been secretly hired by right-wing political powers to locate the stolen secrets (some of those secrets that contain incriminating evidence that would destroy the presidential candidate that they have been backing) and destroy it before the official Government investigation locates the secrets. The FBI cannot do their own investigation because their jurisdiction only extends to our national borders; which is why they need our hero and heroine. What follows is the desperate challenge of the reporter and the street woman to stay alive long enough to locate the secrets and expose the conspiracy. Along the way there are many surprises, much emotional and physical pain, and much joy. TRACK THREE is a terrific read and I hope that you will consider reviewing it. You can get more information on TRACK THREE (and DUMMY the audiobook) at my website: I thank you in advance for this opportunity. I look forward to hearing back.


    John Gibson

  4. the name of my book is the CITIZEN RISING my book was published feb.2014 My book is about nine black people tha t
    leave new York city and go to south jersey (ASBUY PARK) and take over the town, start a new political party and control
    the commercial strip the group is eclectic 2ministers,college professor school teacher banker ,beautician and 2drug dealer
    Please look at my reviews on amazon (link here):
    would you like a copy of my book? If so, what are the next steps?


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