Hot Topic's with Miko Common "One day It'll All Make Sense"

So a week ago I was reading an article on book releases. I’d stumbled across an article on Common’s new book “One day It’ll All Make Sense”, Common with Adam Bradley. I had to admit I was very intrigued by just the title. What was the purpose? Why did he pick that has it’s title?
 Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. aka Common had written a book. Wow! I loved his music what would this book entale I had to know!
This memoir tells a story most have never heard. Starting with the kidnapping of him and his mother by his father at gun point when he was just 18 months old. Its gripping the poetry that eludes in Common sharing his life. The anxiousness of each page that will bring more and more detail. A window into Common’s childhood, teens, and his path into manhood. A journey into a rapper now labled a poet by Maya Angelou.
Each chapter begins with a letter from Common to various important people his daughter,mother grandmother, lost loves Erykah Badu, fellow artist such as Kanye, Ice Cube, and even his fans. Common elaborates on his very public and controversial invitation to the White House from the Obama’s. What you experience is reminiscent to so many young black men flourishing in our inner cities.
A must read from the foreword to the pages end. Common has now entered a realm of unique proportion to adorn his previous monikers. The Jenesaisquoi of storytelling on a level that identifies with our familiar sense of cultural neighborhoods, family, dreams and goals. In a way only Common can tell.
Yes, now I understand and agree that our paths that intertwine on the boulevards of life and quest for success “One Day It’ll All Make Sense”.
Curl up with this good book…………………………………………………………………..

Meet Miko: Miko Cannon Deale is the proud mother of three, wife to a devoted husband, CEO of Jamillians, a gift basket company, writer and author. She attended Capella University for her BA in Information Systems with a concentration in Finance.  She is also the right hand of Ms. LaTonya Washington, CEO/President of LW Special Events Mgmt LLC which keeps her multi-tasking on top of writing her very own Autobiography.  “I’m thrilled to be a columnist for AAMBC Book Club as reading is my first passion.” She is a blogger noting different genres in our world. “Words are so poignant to our lives that they can either lift us up or tear us down. They can give us a person’s internal feeling and even cause us to empathize with people we don’t know or ever meet. I am a Fan of words!”
Miko is a native of Los Angeles, California currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.  You can reach her at [email protected] , her blog at , and visit her company at  She’s also an encourager….. so be encouraged!

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