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ReneeAbout the Author

She writes keeping-it-real erotic romances feature funky urban characters that get-their-groove-on and give up their hearts. She strives to write stories that both stimulate physically and satisfy emotionally. She believes in happily-ever-afters and hopes to one day find her own.

Getting to Know the Fun Side of Renee Luke

  1. Would you rather find true love or be filthy rich?

True love, of course, I’m a romantic and no amount of money can buy love, affection, or happiness.  But with true love, you can find happiness with each other and no focus on things.

2.        Would you rather sing in the rain or dance in the streets?

Sing in the rain! Not that I can sing, I can’t. I’m off key and have no sort of singing voice, but I love music and sing anyway. I also love the rain. I’ve been known to frolic in it regardless of my hair or clothes. <clears throat> I have been caught once or twice doing both, singing while dancing in the rain on the street.

3.       Complete this sentence – If you were stranded on an island…

…I’d build a hammock out of palm leaves and chillax while waiting for rescue.  If my family were there, I’d be in no hurry for rescue either. I could spend a long time happily stranded on a deserted island, living off tropical fruit and the sea.

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Website – http://www.reneeluke.net

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ReneeLukeNovels

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/reneelukenovels

Tease Cover2Before going off to college, Danielle Clark had a summer fling with a guy she met at the state fair.  Lured by his caring nature and charm, she gives up her virginity to him, seduced by the bag of cotton candy.  That was ten years ago and Dani’s done her best to forget the lingering pains of first love and carefree days of youth.  Now, the head of the state’s parks and recreation department, she’s charged with overseeing this year’s fair and making sure everything goes smoothly.  And it does, until an accident at a roller coaster lands her in the hospital.

Jonah Reid is responsible for her injury and the same guy she secretly pines for, the very reason she avoids cotton candy – the fluffy too much of a reminder of what they shared.  With cotton candy, he attempts to make amends and seduce her again, show her life doesn’t have to be so serious.  He wants to prove he’s the man for her – that by accepting cotton candy, him – she can also accept the softer, sweeter side of life and love.

A tease of Tease – available soon!

She was dead. Had to be. Opening her eyes hurt like hell, and through the tiny slits created when she finally managed to get them open a little, she was surrounded by clouds.

Pink clouds.

Danielle Clark closed her eyes, the pain behind her lids almost unbearable. To chase the pain away, she attempted a deep breath, but that only increased the pain, her entire body feeling as if she’d been hit by a semi. That must be it. A hit in run by a huge carnival rig, and now she was dead.

Intrigued?  Click here to read the rest of the excerpt!


Leave a comment during the tour and be entered to win a copy of your choice of either Tempt or Tease, as well as a $20 Starbucks gift card.  Winner will be chosen by random draw after the last day of the tour and notified via email.

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  1. Hi to Renee, thanks for the tour on Renee Luke I am looking forward to getting to another side of Renee. I will check out tomorrow to see what I learn.



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