Her Sweetest Revenge 2 by Saundra

9780989090650The hustle has always been Hood bread and butter so leaving the game behind proves to be a difficult task. And when he teams up with a crew new to the Detroit area. Hood finds himself backed up against a wall to either make this final score that will set them up for life or satisfy Mya’s ultimatum to just walk away.

Putting her foot down and preparing to walk away from her marriage things start going amiss. And when Mya’s niece Imani is kidnapped and Hood suddenly disappears the number one thing that Mya cherish most is once again at stake. Her family. Mya realize that the strong must always fight to survive and the street never gets tired of bloodshed. With treachery pulling at her heart her known enemies start to feel her wrath. And revenge may be their least of their worry especially when the choices are limited to extreme torture and death.


On my ride to the airport to pick up Hood I had a lot of time to think about Monica. I realized that in spite of my growing concerns about her well-being she was becoming a woman. She was a mother and she took good care of Imani. A smiled crept across my face as I thought about how Rochelle used to always tell me that Monica would someday make a good mom because of how good she was with Tiny. I never would have imagined my baby sister getting pregnant at fifteen. Nevertheless, Monica was doing a good job at raising Imani and I knew she would not let anything jeopardize that. Maybe it was time I cut her a little slack and treat her like the young women she had become.

All of sudden the normal flow of traffic on the interstate started to slow down almost to halt. Something was going, on but I couldn’t see what. The last thing I felt like doing was sitting on the interstate in backed up traffic. “Damn,” I hit the sterling wheel. If they didn’t hurry up I would be late picking up Hood and Rob, their plane would be landing in like fifteen minutes. I kept trying to veer just a little to the right of the cars in the front of me to see if I could tell what was going on. But so far no such luck all I could see was red tail lights and signal lights flashing from some cars who wanted to get over. Not that getting over would speed things, up all the lanes were at the same slow pace. I hated when impatient idiots tried to buck in traffic.

Thirty-five minutes later I pulled up to the curb at Detroit Metro Airport. I immediately saw Hood waiting. As soon as my white Ranger Rover completely stopped Hood snatched the door open to the backseat.

“Damn babe, why you late?” He threw his bags in.

“Traffic was backed up on the interstate.” Hood slid into the truck beside me. The look on his face told me his mind was busy. Something was wrong. He shut the door and rubbed his forehead.

“Let’s go.” He ordered without making eye contact with me. I was confused.

“Hood, where Rob at?” My eyes roamed the front portion of the airport not seeing Rob anywhere in sight. Rob had gone with him on the trip. A minute passed as I scanned the oncoming hustle of people going and coming out of the airport. No Rob. Hood finally turned and looked at me.

“Rob got killed.”

“What?” I was dumbfounded. “What the hell happened, Hood?” I could not believe it.  Rob was a good guy. His long time on and off again girlfriend Leslie had just had a baby. I knew she would be devastated.

“I….I don’t know. Shit went wrong. I just don’t know.” Hood seemed in space for a minute. I reached out and hugged him tight and I silently thanked God that he had returned to me. It could have been Rob giving Leslie this same news about Hood or worse they could both be dead. Reluctantly I finally let him go as tears ran down my face.

“Babe, you have to tell Leslie.” I tried to wipe at my tears.

“I know.” Hood agreed. “She been blowing his phone up all day, but I didn’t answer. I have to tell her in person so I turned his phone off. But not now. I need you to get me to the crib.” Without asking anymore questions I threw the truck in drive. Hood pulled out his cell.

“Yo, Dontae I just touchdown. Get to my crib. Now.” Hood yelled.

I drove eighty all the way to the crib. No sooner than Hood and I got inside the house Dontae was banging on the front door.

saundra (2)Saundra Jones grew up in Cleveland Mississippi and as an adult now resides in Indiana. Saundra works for a government assisted agency as Assistant Property Manager in the Public Housing Sector. She is married with two daughters ages 12 and 6 years old. Originally she started writing screen plays at the age of twelve and as an adult the need to create intensified. This intensity produced her first self published novella titled “Owning Up” now renamed “Trick or Treat.” In December of 2011 Saundra was signed to Delphine Publications and by summer 2012 her debut novel “Her Sweetest Revenge” was released and reached Amazon Bestseller list at #2. And July 14, Black Expressions released “Her Sweetest Revenge” giving it new life to the world. Saundra feels a great opportunity on her journey to writing for the people.  Delphine Publications released her first romance novel titled “Pieces of Justice” in the summer of 2013 which also landed a #2 spot on Amazon. Following up in August 2013 will be the release” Her Sweetest Revenge 2” one of the readers most anticipated novels. According to Saundra, “writing is my passion and simply my destiny there is so much more to come.”

Get to know Saundra:

1.Why did you start writing?

I have always possessed a busy imaginative mind. When I was in the 5th grade my teacher assigned us to write a short court room play with a fake trail I hated that assignment. However, when I started too created create the characters I didn’t want to stop. By the age twelve years old I was writing skits all the time just to entertain myself.

2. What does a Saundra novel consist of?

A Saundra novel consist of drama filled pages with twists and characters that you will always remember and or relate to. Readers can expect page turners that will keep them wanting more.

3. Your latest book Her Sweetest Revenge 2 was released. What can readers expect from Her Sweetest Revenge 2?

A banger followed up with more drama, and surprise. Be ready to be entertained.

4. Can readers expect a part 3 to Her Sweetest Revenge?

Possibly I’m working on some projects at this current time.  A part 3 could be in the works. HMMM we will see.

5. How many books do you have that are published”

Her Sweetest Revenge, Pieces of Justice, and Her Sweetest Revenge 2

6. What is next for you?

Readers can expect more romance and street lit from me.

7. What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are reading, writing, and watching television.


 Find Saundra:

facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Author-Saundra-Jones/334550093223404

Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorsaundra

Blog: http://authorsaundra.com/


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