How is AAMBC an Online Book Club?

So many of you ask that question and I wanted to clarify it and make this book club blossom even more. What started in 2008 is now one of the most recognizable groups in the African American Literary society. So ask yourself how I can be more involved.
We choose two books a month to be featured on the official AAMBC website. If you visit now you’ll see a book up top and one to your left. Every two weeks a new book is placed up. These books vary in genres and topics because we are a large group and we read differently. Many of you wonder how can we read a book online and when do we meet? Our source for getting our books of the month is any outlet from Amazon, BN, Borders, or the authors themselves and toward the end of the month the author is brought onto AAMBC radio for an interview and book discussion. This is our time to tune in and also call in to speak with the author.
To keep you more involved we have discussions on weekly bases through our FaceBook groups and Yahoo groups. Here at AAMBC we strive to be the best literary group in the nation. Promoting black authors and our black communities is our main goal. When embracing literature we ask our members to read between the lines and take in effect to what each author is expressing. When supporting our authors we support our selves.  AAMBC was created in Feb. 2008 for the sole purpose of promoting black authors new and seasoned. We will not shy away from that focus, even as we continue to grow.
Don’t forget we host an annual conference in a different city every year and the 2011 details are currently being ironed out. So I am sure you are asking yourself, am I an AAMBC member? If you say you are then you are. But most importantly be involved and purchase your books of the month every month.
What’s our monthly agenda?
Visit AAMBC website for monthly updates on:
Radio Show Dates
Books of the Month
Watch the Monthly Video Commercial
Participate in the Yahoo or FaceBook groups discussions
And refer someone to our group so that we can grow.

What are you waiting for get started today. Help support our movement and our Book Club by getting more involved today.

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