Hard Knocks High book tour with Kevin Brown

Hard Knocks HighHard Knocks High is the most notorious high school in the Bronx, where the streets and the classroom collide.

As a sheltered, bible-studying teen, when inside of his strict single-parent apartment, and a menacing thug when on the rugged Bronx streets, Tafari King struggles to live a double life. On one side: his overprotective mother, who is unaware that her son is the most feared young thug on the streets; his caring girlfriend, who opposes his new found life style; a devoted teacher who warns Tafari of the unseen traps in the streets; and a budding rap career that may offer a way out. On the other side: an intoxicating freedom of a life in which reputation is all that matters, of living the lyrics, of his corner boys’ crew, thugs, and ghetto star-struck girls all whom Tafari has fooled with his fabricated thug persona. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, an old enemy resolves to reclaim dominance over Tafari while a new threat seeks to remove him from the equation entirely. With his life on the line, a gang initiation looming, and time running out, Tafari needs to make a choice before it’s too late.

Kevin Brown is a teacher, coach and writer. He has a B.A in Broadcast Journalism and a Masters in Education.  Kevin has taken the opportunity to inspire a new generation of writers and athletes while still pursuing his own passion for writing.  Project Windows is Kevin’s first novel in the Hard Knocks High series and he is currently working on his second book in the series.  Kevin still lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two daughters.

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