Grandmothers Incorporated by: L. Barnett Evans & C.V. Rhodes

AAMBC Review 4 Stars ****

This book was absolutely hilarious! From the beginning the vivid descriptions of the characters drew me in. I was unable to put the book down, didn’t really want to put it down. GRANDMOTHERS INCORPORATED was one of those books that you have this uncontrollable gut wrenching laughing the whole time you are reading it. At times I felt like I was at a comedy show ~ the material was just that funny.
Ms. Hattie and Ms. Beatrice was just two of the funniest characters I have had the pleasure of being introduced to via a book. GRANDMOTHERS INCORPORATED was a fun, easy read and was a definite welcomed break from the norm of sex and drama! Job Well Done

Latifa Sanchez
AAMBC Reviewer
courtesy of Tamika’s Book Stand

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