​Why are women so fast to throw each other under the bus?​ Its a shame that we have to be ridiculed and be treated less than when we are the back bone behind every CEO, President, Doctor, Lawyer…We fight for equality daily among our own counterparts in corporate America and we claw and scratch each other’s eyes out instead of utilizing the hand over hand fist over fist method. Hmmmm.

SHE was once just an avid reader putting away 3-4 books a week and dropping reviews on GoodReads and Amazon like clockwork. She then decided to put her reading skills and the recipe she came up with of what a good story was and cooked up her first book. Instead of shopping it around she did the homework and self published. Something she learned from an author she admired stuck with her, “SELF THYSELF SHAMELESSLY!” She looked up every way possible to get her book in readers hands outside the internet. She refused to walk around wet behind the ears forever so when a little water was splashed in her ear she went for it. Well to be honest it was slick talking Mike from accounting spitting “…can I get in your draws after happy hour” nonsense. Normally SHE refused but this time she saw OPPORTUNITY!!!!! SHE can’t wait to get to get her sell on! SHE stuffs her MK bag with 20 books hoping to empty it out on folx!

The bar is crowded and soon as SHE enters Mike from accounting bum-rushes her with his play-play foolery. But she was already prepared for it. “Mike get me a……….. and she dips away. “Imma hit the ladies room right quick I’ll be right back!” She figured he’s get the pint that she aint got time. SHE spotted a co-worker that is constantly getting written up for reading books on the job so SHE makes way over to her. They’re cool! They have a lot in common. SHE loves a MK and HERMES bag and so does her co-worker.Her shoes and boots are always on FLEEK and SHE is no slouch either. SHE may not be rocking RED BOTTOMS but her shoe closet speaks for itself; SHOE WHORE. SHE is stylish and curvy attractive and so is her co-worker. So she knows they can kick it.

“Hey Girl! I never see you at happy hour! Wassssup!” (They hug)
“Mike told me to come out so I figured why not! I aint see you today. You worked today?”
“Nah, took a personal day… but why miss out on happy hour?”

(They high-fived and her crowd of females all chimed in with laughter!)

“Plus i just finished this 5star banger… I knew if I got written up again I was out of here. I had to finish it!”

SHE: ()(She dug into her bag)
“I got the cure for the One-Click!”

“Girl you read too?” I am so happy I found me a reading buddy!”

“I used to but now I am putting out the 5 star bangers!Support a sistah!Tell me what you think!” (SHE hands her co-worker the book.)

Immediate change in facial expression and attitude!
“Mmm… I don’t buy books Authors give me their to review.” (Co-Worker pushes passed her and SHE is standing with book in hand. UGGGHHHHH!!!

So I Got A Question!
​Why are women so fast to throw each other under the bus?

4 thoughts on “I GOT A QUESTION…???”

  1. I believe the reason women do this is they are truly insecure in who they are. They are afraid if you take two more steps than them something is wrong. Why cant we learn to lift one another up and be proud our sistah has taken another step, received a promotion or gone on to a better position. Until we learn to appreciate who we really are,there will be some who will continue to throw you under the bus…………but Karma is something………. what goes around will come back around sooner than you know…I’m just saying! So lets turn the negative energy into some positive reinforcement to support,uplift, and simply be happy for another your ( sistah,coworker and friend)


  2. I feel most of the time women throw other women under the bus is because of fear of losing their so called positional power.Animosity arises when the sense of fear arises and feeling of being inept.
    Whether a its a personal issue or professional there are some who have a fear of letting go and fear of losing power. People who throw others under the bus need to gather their own self worth and realize that no one can take anything from you… We usually give it away. So lack is sekf worth tends to cause many to throw others under the bus.

    • Yes the value on being a woman alone has been down graded in itself. We have allowed each other to be stepped on with heels in our backs where we are wounded and can not get up. There is a time coming.. a time where recognition will be given to the true back bones of our families… WOMEN WILL WIN!


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