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Little Kennedy is so excited to visit her father again. After she tries on her princess dress and a tutu, Kennedy’s mother finds something pretty for her to wear. Finally, they are ready to take the long car ride to visit her daddy!

When Kennedy arrives at the big building, she knows she cannot run around or talk loudly. When she sees her father, she is happy and sad all at once. Happy because she loves her daddy, but sad because she knows her visit will come to an end soon and she will have to say goodbye.

Even though she knows her father must be punished for his bad choices, Kennedy hopes that one day, God will answer her prayers and bring him home to her again.

Kennedy’s Big Visit is the poignant children’s story about a father and daughter bond that is unbreakable, despite their unique challenges.


The visit is coming to an end. This is usually the saddest part of the visit. Everybody in the visiting room began to hug and kiss their loved ones goodbye “OK, princess, Daddy say no to drugs, listen to mommy, stay away from boys and strangers. Daddy love you, give Daddy kiss” says Kenta. Kennedy kisses her Daddy. Kennedy is teary eyed but she doesn’t cry because she knows Daddy will be home soon.


Screenshot_2015-05-06-20-53-22Daphne N. Brooks was born and raised in Philadelphia. Daphne is the only child of Tracy Warlow and James Thomas. Daphne is very close to her step-father, Michael Warlow. Daphne has one child, Kennedy Brooks. She graduated from Community College of Philadelphia in 2007 and Drexel University in 2009 making her the first college graduate of five generations. Daphne’s personal and professional experience in the human services field has made her passionate about working with children with a wide range of multiple challenges. Her bachelor’s degree in Behavioral health has set the platform for the empire she plans to build. This is Daphne’s first published book but she does not plan to stop here.


 Get to know Daphne:

  1. Where are you from?

I am from the Nicetown section of Philadelphia


  1. Daphne, what made you write such a meaningful book?

I have been thinking for a long time now, how I could show the world how important a daughter father relationship is. I grew up with a loving step-father and father. Both relationships were very instrumental in the woman I have become.


  1. When you wrote the book, what audience were you trying to target?

Above all, I wanted to target children of incarcerated parents. But also, I would like the incarcerated fathers to read the book as well. There is a conversation between Kennedy’s dad and me discussing the value of a father’s presence. I think fathers need to hear exactly what their role is at times because unfortunately, a lot of men lack the father role model. I know there are an abundance of absent mothers, but I wanted to focus more on absent fathers


  1. What made you take on an interest of children with absent fathers being that you grew up with two fathers?

Not too long before I had this idea in my head. I began to look at the young women on social media and television and became saddened for them. I’m not going to focus in on one situation because there were quite a few. The common denominator in all the situations were absentee fathers. You barely hear any of the young ladies talk about the great relationship they have with their fathers because it never existed. I know some may think I have no idea but I actually do. My daughter actually had two dads and I will elaborate on the lessons learned while dealing with a fairy tale situation and a not so happy situation in my parenting workshops


  1. Wait, did I hear you say parenting workshops?

Yes, I will be conducting parenting workshops around the US with young single parents. I don’t want to give anything up yet because it’s in the beginning stages. I feel like God put me in all these various situations to help other single parents. I want parents to build a close bond with their children and live a high quality of life without all the chaos. My parenting workshops will be beneficial to men and women.


  1. Were you always interested in writing?

No. While in college, I would dread writing papers. I am very personable but it always seemed like I could never let my words flow enough to write a story let alone a book


  1. Daphne, if you were to have a dinner, name 10 people you would invite and why?

My mother, father and dad because they are the reason for my existence.

  1. Oprah: I would like her to give me advice on building my brand.
  2. Steve Harvey: He has an interest in children and we could possibly partner. He and his wife could definitely be speakers at my parenting workshops
  3. Tyler Perry: He is going to produce my movie, he just doesn’t know it yet
  4. Tamika Newhouse: It seems as if she is and has been focused for a long time. I would want her to be a part of my workshops to help parents focus on getting their lives on tract.
  5. Mary J Blige: Mary has built a strong fan base through her music by telling realistic stories that women can relate to. I would need Mary to speak with women regarding finding themselves and stepping outside the box to expand their horizons
  6. Juanita Bynum: She got me through my pregnancy with “No more sheets”. I watched this show every day. She really made me look inside myself and answer all those “Why me” questions. I would want her to deliver a strong message based on realistic situations so women could feel empowered and understand that we need to change our situations and environments in order to change the outcome of our lives
  7. Laiwa Chan: She is a self-made billionaire. Her company, Fu Wah international group, is one of Beijing’s largest real estate developers. I am very interested in real estate development as well as my parents. She could give us advice on becoming successful in that industry. Real estate is my retirement plan




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