"Georgia" The Play

When You Know, You Know…?

Georgia is a one-woman play about a young couple who revel in the complexities and dangers of love. The play investigates the windows of good, evil and the sometimes blurry lines in between. Forcing an analysis of opposing view points in relation to one another, Georgia opens the door on one of the most taboo interactions between a man and a woman.

Written & Performed by:

Fariso Jordan

Directed & Produced by:

Kevin Benoit for Parlé Entertainment

Debuts at the Nuyorican Poets Café

236 E. 3rd Street

bet. Avenues B & C

March 26th

7 p.m.

March 27th

6 p.m.

March 28th

7 p.m.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $10 for students

$15 for all other purchases at the door

Get Your Tickets Online NOW:

March 26, 2011: https://secure.gigmaven.com/events/4977/orders/new

March 27, 2011: https://secure.gigmaven.com/events/4978/orders/new

March 28, 2011: https://secure.gigmaven.com/events/4979/orders/new

Fariso Jordan Short Bio

An actress and playwright who is avidly invested in the condition of the world, Fariso Jordan directs her creative talents towards telling stories that matter. She is a committed to engaging her passion and inventiveness to create multisensory experiences that shift the spirits of her audience members.

Recent credits include roles in the plays, The Wedding Band, The Day Room, and The Colored Museum. While originally from Texas, Fariso Jordan moved to NYC to study theatre-performance at Fordham University.


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