Geaux Wiser: Secrets to College Success by Erin R. Wheeler


You don’t have to make potential mistakes
when you’ve been given a blueprint for a failproof plan. This is exactly what Dr. Erin
Wheeler has set out to do in this very
transparent book. She takes her years of college
experience and years as a professional
administrator to help young people. There’s a
huge difference between getting a college
degree and a college education. There is so
much more to it than just obtaining a piece of
paper. This book breaks down the entire
experience into ways that help maximize the
benefits of going to college and beyond. High
school students and graduates, as well as
enrolled college students will be better prepared
for college success after reading this book.



Why is appreciating and being proud of your journey important to college success?
All roads can lead to a college degree. Your fellow classmates will journey on roads
different from yours. Their view will be different. Our journey shapes the way we
speak, think, and feel. Appreciating your journey helps to appreciate theirs.
Appreciating others journey from start to present helps you to understand, connect
and communicate with others effectively. This helps you in group assignments,
resolving roommate issues, and dealing with your professors. It’ll help you figure
out your co-workers and close friends.
College is all about discovering who you are, improving things you don’t like, and
gaining confidence about the things you can’t change. Understanding and valuing
your journey is a huge part of that discovery and self-improvement process. Let no
one make you feel ashamed of your background, your detours, your busted
tires, or your dented doors. Let no one belittle your journey. You’ve gotten through
your past and now you can focus forward on your future. You should ready
yourself to avoid traffic, accidents, and don’t get distracted so you can swerve to
avoid potholes. Plan adequately so that you can take an alternate route. Let faith be
your insurance that everything is going to be okay if you just keep moving.

Dr. Erin Wheeler is an
innovative higher education administrator dedicated to improving persistence and graduation rates for low income, minority and first generation students. She is academically trained in the sciences but uses her experiences in and knowledge of student development to create holistic approach to student success and engagement. As a social entrepreneur she approaches traditional higher education problems with an start-up spirit. She is the founder of, an online college counseling company.




Get to know the author Erin Wheeler:

Why Geaux Wiser?

Many people associate being smart with getting in and finishing college. However, there are a lot of smart students who are college dropouts. Students who are willing to learn from others experience, become aware of the expectations and challenges of college are better prepared to succeed. In other words, wise students complete college. Geaux Wiser is essentially a mentor in a book. I provide wisdom to college-bound and college students based on my college experience and professional experience in higher education.

What are some college success statistics?

About 30% of students don’t return after their 1st year of college. Less than 60% of students graduate college in six years. Minority, 1st-generation, and low-income students complete college at a 17% lower rate than their majority, higher income peers.

Why don’t students complete college?

Academic, financial and personal issues impact success in college. Many students find themselves on academic probation after their first semester because they underestimated the effort needed for college level work. Finances are an issue whether working to much decreases time for studying or whether lacking financial aid causes leaving college altogether. Personal issues decrease class attendance, focus, and motivation to the point where students fail classes and lose financial aid. Geaux Wiser provides strategies to help prevent and overcome these issues.

Why do students have a tough time in their 1st-year?

College is not the 13th grade. It is a huge social and emotional transition in life. 1st-year students are trying to handle the new freedom and burden of being an adult. They suddenly are responsible for managing things they’ve never had to manage and making decisions they never needed to make. Most of all, students underestimation of the complexity of college causes them not to increase effort and use their resources. The book explicitly provides advice and strategies for succeeding in the first-year and beyond.

Who is the target audience for this book?

This book is a great read for all collegebound students and college students. However, it is written with 1st-generation, low-income, minority students in mind.

How are students are not prepared for college?

Most people think in terms of academics when they hear the term unprepared. However, being successful in college, especially the first-year, depends on how well students are socially, mentally, and emotionally prepared for college. New students are mostly unaware of the challenges and expectations rigor of college. Gaining exposure through someone’s experiences or though pre-college programs can help gain a sense of college life.

What are the attributes of a successful college student?

Successful college students understand that effort and strategy lead to success, have a growth mindset, manage their time and behavior, take advantage of student resources, get involved on campus, seek out mentors, and gain career experience through internships.

How to Find the Author and the Book:

Facebook: E R I N R W H E E L E R P H D

Instagram: @ E R I N W H E E L E R P H D

Email: E R I N . W H E E L E R . 0 0 @ G M A I L . C O M

Website: W W W . E R I N R W H E E L E R P H D . C O M


1 thought on “Geaux Wiser: Secrets to College Success by Erin R. Wheeler”

  1. I wish I had this book when I started college 20 years ago. I was a young mother of four small children trying to work on my nursing degree. I looked at the world around me, my life, and became discouraged. I wanted better for my children. I wanted better for myself. I was a single mother and had no choice but to work full-time. I thought I could do it all. I allowed the college advisors to talk me into going to school 3/4 of the time while working full time. It was a big mistake! I ended up biting off more than I could chew.
    I realize this now as an adult how foolish it was to overwhelm myself. I just wish I had this book when I was younger. I would have taken my time. I would have been more prepared.


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