Here’s the situation… You’re a TROPHY WIFE, THE DOPEMAN’S WIFE, looking for DIRTY MONEY from THE DOPEFIEND and other SUPREME CLIENTELE. Setting up your PRADA PLAN because unlike the ordinary GIRLS FROM DA HOOD with a PRADA PLAN 2, who are drawn to the DOPEMAN and his GUNS & ROSES like a MOTH TO A FLAME, yours is the DIARY OF A STREET DIVA. FLEXIN’ & SEXIN’ from Monday to BLACK FRIDAY, plotting since you know THE CARTEL is headed to MURDERVILLE. They know nothing of how real MURDER MAMAS get down, but it’s time they learn.You step up, GUILTY GUCCI, and to the HARD SIX, it’s KISS KISS, BANG BANG!


The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino pays homage to New York Times Bestselling authors, Ashley Antoinette & JaQuavis Coleman. This talented twosome tells us about their rise from Flint, Michigan to Murderville, and how they have managed to take Street Lit to all new heights.


Michelle: Let me take this moment to say Congratulations on your Cash Money Content deal. Tell us how that came to pass.


Ashley: Baby and Slim were fans of our Cartel Series. So when they ventured into publishing with CMC, they hand picked us for their starting line-up of authors. The best author in the business reached out to us and presented the situation to us. The deal was too good to say no and we were honored that they chose us. Thus, “Murderville” was born.


Michelle: There are conflicting reports about how many novels the two of you have

penned as Ashley & JaQuavis so please set the record straight—break it all the way down and tell us how many novels you have under your belts as a duo, separately and as ghostwriting projects?


JaQuavis: We have co-written 17 novels. We’ve been featured on 3 anthologies and have ghostwritten 15 novels that shall remain nameless. (But everyone knows though.) We also have 4 new books on the 2012 lineup.


Michelle: You often say that growing up in Flint, MI has helped bring realness to your novels. Care to elaborate? What does Flint, MI have to do with the stories you tell?


JaQuavis: Flint, MI is by far one of the most unique cities in the country. It’s a small city, but consistently maintains a top position on the USA’s most deadly cities list. All we see is murder, so consequently most of our stories reflect that of death.  I buried two of my close friends this year and we still have two months to go. That’s why you get titles like “Murderville” and “Murder Mamas,” because that’s all we saw this year.


Michelle: “The Cartel 2” made the New York Times Bestsellers List for paperback trade fiction when it debuted at #33 on Thursday, November 19, 2009. What was your reaction to the news, and do you think it propelled your writing careers in any way?


Ashley: We were humbly amazed when we made the New York Times List. Our fans stood behind us and through their loyalty, they helped propel our careers to the next plateau. That list is so exclusive; everyone can’t do that, especially in a genre that is not embraced with open arms.


Michelle: As a married couple with a son, who live and work together every single day, how do you keep the sparks flying in and outside the writing room? From where do you draw your inspiration?


JaQuavis: Ashley and I are cut from a different cloth. We approach everything with a game plan and our goal is to be considered some of the greatest writers of all time. 5 years ago that declaration would have seemed like a joke, now we’re on our way. That’s what motivates us. We want our name to be here long after we are gone.


Michelle: You are the Executive Producers of the upcoming independent film Hard Six, which is based on your novel “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”. When is it slated for release and where will you be holding the premiere screening and release party?


Ashley: Hard Six will be released Fall 2012. We will be holding two premiere screenings, one in our hometown and one in New York City.


Michelle: Ashley, give us a hint about what role you will be starring in, and JaQuavis, let us know how it felt to wear the director’s hat for this film.


JaQuavis: Directing is something that I always wanted to get into. Having your vision turned into something visual is intriguing to me and I can’t wait to share it with the world. We’ve assembled a group of hungry, talented, artists, and we honestly want to make the next hood classic. Mills Miller, Kaven Brown, and Davida Baldwin are a part of this dream team. All of them are individually talented and bring something to the table.


Ashley: I’m going to be doing something very special in this film. I’m going to surprise a lot of people with this role.


Michelle: Cash Money Content is backing the major motion picture deal for your book “The Cartel”. When can we expect that film to be released?


Ashley: The movie deal with Cash Money is the biggest power move of our careers. You have to ask Cash Money about the release date, but its signed, sealed, and delivered. We are taking street fiction to another level with this one. We are so proud to be a part of this monumental project.


Michelle: You seem to be relentless with your writing, publishing numerous titles one after the other and at times simultaneously. Now with your move into films, what else can we expect from the dynamic duo known as Ashley & JaQuavis?


JaQuavis: We are going to keep the same recipe with the movies. We gon’ flood the streets and make em’ love us.


Michelle: Finally, what is the key to the success of Ashley & JaQuavis and what formula would you tell a new author to follow in order to persevere and prosper in this industry?


Ashley & JaQuavis: Make money not friends.



About the book:

Murderville: First of a Trilogy (July 2011 with Cash Money Content)

Two children from Sierra Leone, Liberty and A’shai, are brought together by chance only to be forced apart by the most inevitable and tragic fate. Ashley and JaQuavis bring us this classic love story set against modern life’s most horrifying realities.

Liberty is dying of a fatal heart condition, though she desperately wants to survive until her 25th birthday when her sister has promised to visit her. A’shai blames himself for not protecting Liberty, but all Liberty asks is for A’shai to tell her a story, to help her remember what brought them to this point. He knows that this is the last story he will ever tell and the last she will ever hear.

As Liberty lies dying, A’shai walks her though their past, reliving their ill-fated journeys through the streets. Their story will take them from an arranged marriage, through Mexico’s drug cartel, child brothels, hustling in Detroit, to escaping the high-powered heads of L.A.’s underworld. But ultimately, this is a story of love and redemption that will leave you breathless from the unpredictable and mind-blowing ending.


About The Authors:


These two national best-selling authors hit the scene at the ripe age of 17 when New York Times Best-selling author. Carl Weber discovered them. During their freshman year in college they both received publishing deals and have not looked back since. With a smash hit novel “The Cartel,” they have solidified themselves as two of the best in their genre, together or apart. With a roster of 14 novels published and a hefty ghostwriting resume they have made a successful career for themselves.


They have appeared in publications such as Essence, Vibe, XXL, KING, and DON DIVA. Setting precedents the duo also has a publishing deal with the world famous Cash Money Records, introducing their highly anticipated series titled ”Murderville.”


A full production movie is in the works for one of their best-selling novels. Check out Ashley ([email protected]) and JaQuavis ([email protected]) at www.ashleyjaquavis.com and follow them @realjaquavis and @novelista.


  1. I am a loyal fan of u guys I love everything that ya ll write or touch. Keep up tha great job u r doing…..But hurry up wit tha dopeman…

  2. I am a loyal fan of u guys I love everything that ya ll write or touch. Keep up tha great job u r doing…..B
    ut hurry up wit tha dopeman…


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