From Fear To Freedom by Satrah Anuket

Neuroscience states that 85% of our thoughts are negative or redundant, what is the thing
you are most focused on?
“FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM” teaches how to utilize the seven Universal Laws to shift your
mindset, habits, and behaviors to master life on this plane.

Los Angeles, CA, February 2, 2022
“FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM” is a book about the seven-stage transformation of inner self. Everything and everyone in the entire Universe are governed by the seven Universal Laws. Join SatRah Anuket on a journey as she helps you to discover your ability to choose to focus on the thoughts that fuel your inner fire, or the ones that can calm water and keep you grounded and in your power. Find out how she experienced more freedom by incorporating each of the seven Universal Law’s into her life. This book is a passage to self-discovery, healing, and transformation. Also, part memoir of how her intimate relationships were one of the most challenging pathways to transformation. These seven laws connect our mind, body and soul. Mastery over these three planes is the ultimate balance.

This book can benefit those who…

  • have unhealthy attachments to people or things
  • have difficulty expressing and releasing emotions.
  • have compulsive thoughts, anxiety, looped thinking
  • suffer from worry and fear
  • need to love themselves more
  • are tired of dating the same person in a different body (toxic energy)
  • have past traumas, who are doing shadow work, and for so many more!

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For more information please visit and watch videos about what is  each chapter before you read it. @SatRah_Anuket.  

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