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website photoPowerful, stunningly-beautiful, educated and divinely intuitive, Dream Angelou seems like the perfect package.  The veteran journalist is a HBCU graduate and a proud mother, however, she is undoubtedly dangerously in love with D.C.’s hood’s finest, Solomon Avery. Together, Dream, Solomon and their son King are the epitome of a “match-made in Heaven,” and are building a prized future together.

In just one day Dream loses her promising career, Solomon and her livelihood, all to experience a brokenness that causes her to mentally snap and dive into an abyss of panic and depression. Dream will learn to face her own nightmare of raising her son alone in the hood, living off of welfare and sometimes loosing battles. She will stop writing for years. These are lessons in life that her college experience never prepared her for or unveiled.

God speaks to Dream’s spirit and her heart, reminding her that even though she may “walk through the valley of the shadow of death,” that He still has a purpose and a promise assigned to her life.

Dream is humbled through purging, yet inspired by the prayers and upliftment from the wise elders that she meets on her path. Poetically, she is taught lessons on survival from the drug dealers, dope fiends and hood girls in her community. One thing is for sure Dream is all that King has and King is Dream’s angel in disguise.

Through the testing of her faith, Dream understands that there is a divine calling on her life and special assignments to endure.

Will she make it through?

Will she write again?

Will she love again?

Will Dream ever get the chance to answer the call?

This story is only for the LIONHEARTED!


It was a pastel gray morning.
Solomon left on Friday. He never said good-bye; he never said he loved me or hated me. He never exploded and broke up with me. There was no closure, and that is what drove my ass absolutely crazy.
Why did he leave? Was I too dark or too fat? Was I too artsy or too deep? Why didn’t I dumb myself down? Was I too spiritual? Was I too strong? Was I scary? Was I the truth? Was he afraid of being a father, provider, and husband? My mind kept racing. Who was she? Was she better than me? I blamed myself.
I asked myself too many questions, and there were no answers to soothe the emptiness. I just knew he would become convicted of his trespasses on Sunday and return—soon. Weeks passed, but he never called, texted, or even wrote a letter. Months passed, and I would drive past his stomping grounds, frequent the clubs that he would go to, go to the gyms where he worked out, and I would never see him.
He never said good-bye to his son. He left not knowing the mark of abandonment that it would leave on his son.
He left for eternity. He never came back. He left us to drown. We would never watch another movie together. He left us to die.


at 35Powerful, inspiring, and uplifting, encompasses just the beginning of Brandi Forte’s extraordinary purpose-filled journey. A mother, CEO, author, journalist and educator, Brandi Forte continues to live her life, making God’s dreams for her a reality. A native of Santa Monica, California, it was in the midst of urban ocean breezes, the 1980s drug epidemic and gang warfare that Brandi at the tender age of five began using writing as a theraputic way of artistic expression and coping. Brandi excelled at writing and speaking, while using her church, school drama clubs, prolific plays, community performances, student government and family experiences, to cultivate her gifts and ministry.

Her strong desire for education, would immediately, after high school, land her at Howard University in Washington, DC. Though being three-thousand miles away from home, it was at Howard, that Brandi believes that she was given direction and inspiration to further her studies as a writer. Surpassing the “sky is the limit” mantra, Ms. Forte, at Howard established herself as a highly respected writer. Post graduation, Brandi got her feet wet as an editorial coordinator for the Source Hip Hop Magazine. The tragedy of 9/11 would guide her wings back south to Washington, D.C. to begin her emerging career in education, working with at-risk and special needs students.

For more than a decade Brandi’s mission has not only been to write about the struggles and triumph from Hollywood to the depths of urban communities, but God has blessed her with the opportunity to teach elementary, middle and high school students, as well as young adult populations on how to overcome academically, socially and politically. Recently, Brandi had the wonderful opportunity to work as a speech writer for Dr. Charlene M. Dukes, president of Prince George’s Community College.

“A rose that grew from concrete,” she knows what it is to grow up without having her father, how to soar through the adversities of living “in the hood,” graduate from a prestigious college on a wing and a prayer, all while raising her son as a single parent. A Christian, Brandi adamantly believes, “that we fall down, but we get up,” and “what won’t kill you will make you stronger.” Ambitious and soaring to new heights, in 2008 Brandi had the once of the lifetime experience to work as a campaign Fellow for President Barack Obama —a movement that made history.

Today Brandi Forte is a published author of two books, “Drama Girl: The Diary of a Sista Poet,” and “Half Chicken Half Scholar.” She is a highly respected journalist who has been published in: Black Enterprise; Essence, Jet Magazine, The Washington Afro; The Informer; NEA Today; Black Issues Book Review; The Source; and XXL Magazine, just to name a few. She is the owner and CEO of Destined for Greatness LLC, an inspirational publishing and communications media company.

In her newest capacity, Brandi Forte is the founder and Executive Director of Amala Lives, a community based organization in the District that serves more than 100 underemployed, unemployed, single parent and adjudicated youth populations.

Brandi is humble when it comes to discussing her accolades, she reflects, “ I thank God for allowing me to live, survive, thrive and to share in all that HE has giving me. And He is not even through yet.”

So what‘s next for Ms. Forte? “Politics and pros. I plan to open up vocational schools throughout the country. I also believe I will be a congresswoman one day. I think we need a new voice that’s real, raw, tangible and for the people.“ Brandi expresses with a radiant smile. “My 3rd Novel FREE is out to the masses and I am so excited about this book. It truly was a healing experience for me to write it and I want to travel the country using the message as a catalyst for healing for others.”

Brandi Forte resides in P.G. County with her son Legacy and daughter Dream.


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I went through a really dark period in my life where I lost everything. I never thought I would make it out. I am a writer and journalist by trade and I really felt like that if I could overcome that dark period of my life, that I would capture it in a book.


The book takes place in Washington, D.C. in the uptown community.


Yes the story in its entirety is true — the names of course have been changed to protect the character.


As a writer and creative person I realize that there is power in naming. My parents taught me at an early age that when you name someone make sure there is meaning behind it all. That is why all my characters have names that connect to their personality.


To be Free means to be whole, to be liberated, to be Free from all that has held you captive and bound.


When I went through my period of loss I went through a huge period of depression. It wasn’t until I went to different doctors and a therapist that they identified what I was going through. I also saw other sistas who were going through mental health crisis too and we did the work together. I wanted to expose mental health among Black women in this book.


Yes there will be a sequel in Fall 2014. I am so excited and I know my readers are waiting.


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