Fools Eye By Gregg Burton

At age 19, Linda discovers that she and her stunning green eyes are not cut out for the working world. But, a New York City girl still needs cash. To get it, Linda dons her old Catholic school-girl uniform to fleece Times Square tourists for their travel money.

 Linda’s scams really begins when she stumbles upon a smooth-talking character named Malik who offers the green-eyed grifter the opportunity of a lifetime. Malik is a part of a mob of con-artists. Together, Malik and the con mob help hone Linda’s skill to help them commit the biggest con the crew has ever pulled. Their target?  A billionaire’s gambling addicted son and the boy’s trust fund. But in Linda’s first real con, this trust fund baby may not be the only mark.

Things go bad pretty fast. Linda soon forgets her role in the con and begins to fight for her survival

 Fool’s Eye is full of twists and turns, tricks and cons that will leave you questioning reality…and believing the con.

Meet Author Gregg Burton

A man who writes romantic and suspenseful thrillers is almost an anomaly within the literary world. That makes Gregg Burton a one of a kind talent in the independent book circles. However, Burton’s creativity doesn’t stop there. In fact, there is nothing routine about this man of sensuous thrilling fiction.

 Humble Origins

Gregg Burton is a Brooklynite who hails from the infamous town of Waco, Texas. He came by the military experience showcased in his book, What Happens Overseas Stays Overseas honestly. Those four years overseas gave Burton an insider’s eye to a world that few people know or even understand. Upon leaving that world, the newly discharged Burton was ready for something new.

His second foray into the literary world is titled Fool’s Eye. This suspenseful work which many have said marks his unquestionable writing talent and diverse writing style, makes Burton a hidden talent in the independent literary world. Fool’s Eye, takes its readers on a breathtaking adventure of the conning game in   New York City.

Not your Average Author’s Beginnings

It was purely by coincidence, and maybe a little boredom, that Burton stumbled upon his unique talent. While working with a group of women, lovers of mainstream erotic and suspenseful fiction, Burton picked up his first piece of literature. Instead of blushing, thrusting the novel aside, this future author studied its content, intrigued by the content he hadn’t known existed.

This was the beginning of an author’s career and eventually, a new movement in the intellectually adventurous audience of literary fiction. And to think, the whole thing was set in motion by these few words that Burton uttered after reading that novel—“Hey, I think I can write a story better than that!”

Making the Novels Happen

That first product was a short story that friends and family analyzed and raved about. Burton moved on to poetry and a full-length novel What Happens Overseas Stays Overseas that was published in 2010. It draws on Burton’s naval experience, but is not written from a male perspective.

“Many people have the misconception that Military people are robotic or just hard-core individuals. When the reality is, they are just like you and me.” Gregg Burton

In Fool’s Eye, Author Gregg Burton wraps a con within a con, with multiple marks and schemes. The twists and turns, cons and marks that make up Fool’s Eye will keep the reader on edge from page one until the con game’s end. Along the way, Fool’s Eye dares readers to try and separate the con from the real story of Linda, Malik and the rest of the crew.

Get to Know Gregg:

So why do you write?

I write because it makes me feel good. I love to tell a good story. I mean when I get in front of a computer and start playing with characters, I feel like I’m in my own world…Well I am in my own world. And I love to shock people. I write things you don’t see coming. You’d be like, “Oh no the hell he didn’t.” I love it when people write me and tell me that. Or “Gregg, you know you’re wrong.” It motives me to keep writing.

Ok so why the change in genres? Your first novel was an erotic one, (What happens Overseas Stays Overseas) and with your new one (Fool’s Eye) you wrote it as suspense. Why the switch up?

I don’t want to be labeled. I just want people to see me as a good, if not, great author. I guess my plan is to write a little of everything just so I can show my range as a writer. I’ve been even thinking about doing a non-fiction book.   

So when is your next book coming out?

I’ve been playing around with the second part to, What Happens Overseas, but something is missing. If I can get whatever’s wrong worked out, I think I can have it out by the beginning of the year.

Do you have something to say to new authors or inspiring authors?

Yeah I do. Believe in yourself. No one will ever believe in you more than you can believe in yourself. Get a good group of people around you. You want people who will give you feedback on your work… good or bad. Also learn about the business side to publishing your book. Being a good writer just doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to learn how this business works or you’ll be eaten alive! 

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