His First Lady by Kym Boyles

  • On the surface, Evan appears to have it all. She’s young and beautiful and holds one of the highest positions in the church; that of the First Lady. But her smiles are just an illusion because hidden beneath the surface, Evan struggles with making it all look good for her husband Leon; the powerful pastor of their mega church. But going up against Leon’s thirst for greed and power can have deadly consequences. As his kingdom rises, Evan fights her attraction to a forbidden love while trying to hold on to everything she holds sacred as she’s being led down a path of discovering the truth and finding her voice.


Chapter 10

Evan was on her knees when Leon walked into the bedroom. Seeing Evan on her knees and in the middle of prayer didn’t prevent Leon from making unnecessary noise as he walked into their closet taking off his suit jacket and his shoes. She didn’t know how long she had been praying and crying out to God. But hearing the purposeful clank of Leon’s thick gold watch being tossed into his accessory box, she was sure that he didn’t care. He walked out of the closet and sighed loudly. Evan tried to continue praying but unable to concentrate, she stood up.

Evan glanced in Leon’s direction as she walked over to her vanity and sat down. She placed her hair in a ponytail while eyeing him through the mirror.

“How was your day, sweetheart?” Evan asked with her hand shaking slightly as she placed a moisturizer on her neck and elbows.

“Fine,” A scowled face Leon answered not bothering to look over at her opening the top dresser drawer.

“You must have had a really busy day.”

Without looking at her Leon removed his tie then walked back into the closet to hang it up. “Busy day at the church as usual.”

Evan took a deep breath debating in her head whether she should continue where she was going with the conversation. She wasn’t calling him a liar but she had gone to the church after getting off of the phone with Mimi. She drove around the parking lot; saw that his Mercedes was not in the pastor’s park, before parking her car behind the big maple tree in the parking lot adjacent to the church wanting to make certain that she wasn’t spotted. She had waited, repeatedly called his cell phone with no answer before coming back home to a still empty house.

“You were at the church all day?” She asked.

“Yeah,” He answered looking peculiarly at her.

Evan cleared her throat. “I went to the church about three hours ago and I didn’t see the Mercedes.”

Leon stopped, walked out of the closet and stared at Evan. “You came looking for me at the church?”

At one time, Leon’s piercing angry eyes might have frightened Evan. Although they still sent a chill through her, she made up her mind that he wasn’t going to scare her into backing down this time. “Yes.”

Leon stared coldly at Evan for a second. “If you must know and apparently in your mind, you must; I had a brief meeting with some contractors,” Leon said with a bewildered look on his face.

“Yeah, but you said that you were at the church.” Evan folded back the bed covers nervously treading into rocky waters in her mind. “I fixed a nice dinner and I was waiting for you. You didn’t answer your phone so I went to the church to see if you were there.”

“No, you went to the church like some insecure, immature ghetto chick,” Leon said angrily walking closer to Evan who was sitting on the bed. “…instead of acting like a First lady who waits to hear from her husband or waits until he arrives at home because you know he’s a pastor with a lot of responsibility!”

The strength that Evan thought she had when she had originally contemplated the conversation seemed to dissipate. “Leon, it’s late and you didn’t even bother to call me. I’m alone in this big house so what am I supposed to do?”

Leon stared at her angrily. “Maybe you should call your mother and ask her what she used to do when your daddy was taking care of his pastoral duties,” Leon said as he walked away from her and back inside their closet.

Evan took a deep breath. “Why didn’t you answer the phone or at least call me back?”

Leon stormed out of the closet with his heavy feet causing the floor to shake and stood over her. “I was in a meeting! I am a pastor and that sometimes means late nights. I don’t always have time to answer the phone!”

“I just don’t understand why you get so angry at me for asking where you were until late tonight,” Evan said looking up at him as he hovered over her.

“With all of your First lady duties, it would seem that you wouldn’t have time to ride around looking for me like some jealous girlfriend. Maybe you have too much time on your hands. You could always travel with the mothers of the church and pray for the sick and shut in; maybe even take some meals to the elderly. Hell, I don’t know.”

“You don’t have to talk to me like that.”

“That’s the only thing you understand!” Leon threw his arms up. “Maybe if you had some children, you wouldn’t have so much time to sneak around like you do.”

Evan raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “My not having children has nothing to do with this. But some of the women at church who you are so friendly with might have something to do with this.”

All Evan remembered was the force of Leon’s hand hitting the left side of her face. It was quick and hard but slow and fierce. The blow knocked her back on the bed. She instinctively grabbed her face in horror. Leon stared at her before walking off and into the bathroom for a shower.

Evan’s mouth hung open as she held her throbbing face trying to comprehend how this alternate universe had suddenly become her home.


Kym's cover picKym Davis Boyles has been creative writing since she was a young child. She grew up traveling the world as a child of military parents and found the experience beneficial to shaping who she is as an individual. Kym combines her passion for Fiction writing and her beliefs as a Christian to create stories that encompass real life experiences with all of its laughter, tears, and fears to her characters. Kym likes to write stories that are heart felt and ones that demonstrate the strength of women through love, loss, and determination.

Kym is married to her best friend, Kim Keith Boyles and they have three daughters.  Kym has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Counseling. Although she has authored novels in the past and published short stories, His First Lady is Kym’s first published novel.


Get to know Kym:

1. How long have you known that you’ve wanted to be a writer? I have always been a writer ever since I was a child. I remember writing stories and folding the stories into books with titles and places for my friends to check them out like they were at the library when they came over to play.


2. Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured? I don’t have any structure when it comes to a special time to write but I write everyday whether it’s for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Since I work fulltime at the moment, married, and the mother of 3 daughters who all demand time, I always have my laptop nearby to write or a notepad to take notes when thoughts come to my head.


3. What is the hardest thing about writing? I find the hardest thing about writing as an author is knowing where I want the story to go and trying to take it in that direction but somehow the story takes on a direction of its own. You can start a story one way but it can transition so many times that where the story ends up is not necessarily where a writer thought it would. It sounds strange but characters can really take a story in directions that the author never intended. Only authors may understand that.

4. For your own reading, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hard back books? I like the convenience of ebooks but nothing in my opinion can replace paper or hard back books. I love the feel of traditional style books in my hands and the feeling of touching the story with paper in my hands. But I will read books either way.


5. What are you working on at the minute? I am working on the second part of the series to His First Lady. It has some of the same characters in new trials and adventures.


6. What is your first published novel about? His First Lady is about a young woman named Evan who is married to an eager and ambitious pastor whose primary focus is to gain success at any cost. I basically describe Evan as a woman in the midst of a hurricane who must make a conscious decision to either survive or die. Events happen to her, around her, and some even involve her without her knowledge but throughout all of these events, she develops strength and perseverance that also spills into the lives of other characters. Like many of us in this journey of life, Evan must answer the question of, ‘Is she who she says and thinks she is’ or isn’t she? Turmoil is always a good factor in life that can ultimately answer this question that we as humans and especially people of faith have. Two of the biggest factors that Evan considers in this novel is whether there is such a thing as true love and what to do when your life is defined by everyone but you.


7. What do you hope that people take away from your novel? I hope that my novel will be thought provoking. It isn’t a fairy tale but is directed to be relative to women’s experiences and sometimes that is joyful, painful, and even wild. Real life can even be more detrimental in the church then in the secular world.  I hope that readers will relate to the characters and see that God isn’t shoved down the throats of the characters but he’s always there. I want readers to cry, laugh, and feel the characters and always see God in the midst.


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