My First Husband by Fatimah

book coverChapter 1: Cheers Atlanta!…To New Beginnings!
This chapter will open with the excitement from my expectations of me moving to
Atlanta. It will share a brief background of who I am and how I came to be at that stage
of my life. I display detailed steps I took managing my plans, my goals, and my financial
ability to juggle from one state to another with my two little girls. Leaving behind most
of my family, heading to a place where I had no job, no friends or any relatives at all. I
will be sharing the hustle, the struggle and the successful outcomes of my short term

Chapter 2: Jack & Jill
This chapter goes more in depth with the honesty I share about what I needed to do in
order to follow my dreams and the huge bumps in the road that came along with it. And
the extreme measures I went through to see my plans fall through. All while having my
little girls and keeping us safe. It’s raw, embarrassing and very humorous while I expose
the side of a single mother, Muslimah, not willing to lie down and take anything I didn’t
want. I also tell the trouble I got myself into with the law without being conscious of it.
Also, how I embodied resources and used the power within to make hundreds of things
happen from literally nothing, to moving us into my first new home in Atlanta. My
favorite part of that house was the Jack & Jill bedrooms my daughters shared.

Chapter 3: Meeting Him…
This chapter will open with the coincidences of how I met my first husband. The school

we met in was neither of our first picks that year, and how God allowed the universe to
stir things up upon meeting each other. I intimately bring in and share with the readers
details on what was said between us, what we did with each other and the sparking
flames and fires that wouldn’t let us cool off from each other….for then anyhow. Little
did I know what was yet to come.


Get to know Fatimah:


Q: What type of person did you think your first husband was when you met him?
A: After learning about his past and what he’d gone through and how he came through it at such a young age, I believed he was a fighter! He was a ex big time street drug dealer who was bringing in lots and lots of money at a very young age. I believed he hustled from ages 14-19. When I met him just a couple years later, I was amazed by this warrior who had changed his life around from, easy, fast money to a humble college going lover.
Q: what long term outcomes did you expect from your husband?
A: I expected to be married and raise a family forever. My first husband was so troubled after I married him, my expectations for life and goals I put to the side. My visions and abilities were no longer being catered to. My expectations for us were blurry I don’t honestly believe I expected to last at all, but I expected him to try, provide and succeed in his music career. Even though at that time I had very little knowledge and understanding behind, love, success and team work.
Q: What is the real reason you married him?
A: I didn’t have a real, or logical reason. Its almost as if something moved my spirit and guided me to him and made me submit to the purpose behind being with him.(I didn’t know what that purpose was)  In my mind, at that time, it no longer was about reason. I felt like it was a responsibility for two people who wanted to unite and share their love, to be married first before taking sins any further. I just did it. I had no real reason.
Q: What situations in your marriage led to your divorce?
A: It was mostly his past issues, he was not honest about most of it. It all haunted me until the day I left. I had  my huge flaws as well while being with him. With all the drinking, smoking, partying, jail, probation, him not working, him working but probation taking all his money, his baby’s mother, his anger, disrespect, his mother, and me and my family not being treated right. It’s bigger than one reason. It was the life style that pushed me into divorce.
Q: If he ever came back to work things out, would you consider taking him back?
A: Allah knows more than any of us, only he knows the future, however….NOOO!
Q: What state of mind were you in after things started to go bad?
A: I was broken. Completely and utterly torn apart. All I could think about and dream about was me and him getting back to a good tune like we once were. I was willing to do ANYTHING to get us there, before I considered divorcing him.
Q: What thoughts and feelings inspired you to write about your first husband?
A: I started writing most of my book while I was up most 2 AM nights in tears, pregnant with panic attacks while he laid up in jail. I didn’t have anyone to talk to about what I was going through. I was way to embarrassed to speak to my mother, or anyone else in my family. His mother at that time was not my cup of tea AT ALL! So I prayed and wrote and wrote until I couldn’t cry anymore. I wrote to heal the process of the final decision I knew I had to make.
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