Famous! by Taiia Smart Young

Famous - without forewordFamous! is about inspiring girls to find their star power. This fun guide motivates them to be confident, bold and adventurous go-getters via a mix of inspirational quotes, tips, activities and personal stories from Taiia Smart Young—like the life-changing moment that forced her to go from Shy Girl to Shine Girl. She shares advice for handling annoying social media trolls, leaving the comfort zone, surviving the real F-bomb (a.k.a. failure) and dealing with the myth of perfection. Taiia also includes a few of her favorite Star Crushes, i.e. teen girls with extraordinary gifts, such as Little League Baseball champ Mo’ne Davis and Nobel Peace Prize winner and human rights activist Malala Yousafzai.

About the author:

Juicy magazine contributing editor TAIIA SMART YOUNG offers teen girls her first

non-fiction book, Famous! How to Be the Star of Your Show: A Teen Girl’s Guide to

Embracing Her Fabulous Self (Smart Girl Media, $15.99).

Famous! won’t tell girls how to dominate the music industry like Beyoncé, handle

massive ocean waves like surfer Briana Cope or steal heartbreaking movie scenes like

Shailene Woodley.

Nope, those jobs are already taken, but there’s still one that’s up for grabs.

In a fun, fresh, big sister voice Young uses personal stories, screw-ups, quotes, activities

and pop culture references to inspire girls to be the star of their lives, instead of being a

best supporting actress in someone else’s life.

In Famous!, she writes that confidence (not orange) is the new black, says it’s important

to leave the crowd to choose an adventure and advises girls to create a Bragging Rights

List. “Girls beat themselves up when they make mistakes. Rarely do they celebrate their

accomplishments, and I’m not talking about the whole #humblebrag false modesty

situation we see on social media,” says Young. “A girl should keep track of at least ten

ways she’s kicked butt and stick it in her mirror, because when things go left, she’ll have

several reminders about how amazing she is—like when she killed the Cleopatra

monologue in English class or created a robot in her bedroom.”

Young warns against falling into the perfection trap (because that “nonsense is too

stifling and doesn’t promote growth!”) and swears that failure is a necessary evil. To

illustrate her point, she confesses to traveling to L.A. for a cover story with a popular

R&B singer, only to return empty handed, except for a hotel, rental car and plane ticket

receipts. “It was an expensive and hard lesson to learn about what happens when people

overpromise and under deliver. I had to accept my part in that and still pitch more ideas

to fix my mistake,” says that author who was voted Miss Journalism in high school.

She also encourages girls to push past fear, like she did when talk show host and queen

of hot topics Wendy Williams—after months of pitching—finally agreed to meet for an

interview at her studio. Young admits to worrying that Williams would get bored

during the conversation and say something like, Is that all you got? But that chat became

one of Young’s favorite feature stories. It’s one of many make or break moments girls

can learn from. Famous! also motives girls to:


  • Ignore Instagram trolls
  • Say buh-bye to the comfort zone
  • Assemble their Fave Five (the ride-or-crew with info, resources and cash)
  • Realize that being different is a good thing

For more about Famous! visit www.TaiiaSmartYoung.com.



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