Fall Session | Outline Clinic

It all starts with a foundation. Before you pick up the pen or open the word doc, you must make sure that your foundation is sturdy. In this clinic, we’ll break down how to create not just an outline but a story bible that can take your idea and turn it into a reader-worthy manuscript. In this clinic, award-nominated, bestselling author Phoenix Williams will walk you through how to outline, using her next bestseller as an example.

In this clinic, Phoenix will not only show you how to create a story bible but will answer any and all questions about your own project, demonstrate the tips and tricks bestselling authors use and provide each attendee with an interactive outline experience. Do not miss your chance to have an eight-week, all-access pass to an award-nominated, bestselling author.

Click the link below and schedule your FREE consultation & see if this class is the right fit for you. Dates: Oct 2 – Nov 20  & every Saturday morning at 10:00 AM CST
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