Embracing My Difference: Erasing Fear While Finding Purpose by Venice Garner

Cover2Have you ever felt like your challenges were so big that they would break you?  Or maybe feeling like you’re alone because you’ve been through so much? Do you believe you’re destined to fail, so why try anyway?  Well, it’s time to throw that mentality away!  YOU fulfill your own destiny, and YOU are the one responsible for your happiness.  This book will help you realize that with the help of God and believing in yourself, you will be able to Embrace Your True Self.  Reading this book, you will realize that no matter what you have been through, you have to go through it to get through it.  From identity issues, to the power of prayer, importance of mentorship, friendship and the struggles of being a Mompreneur, Venice talks about how Embracing Your Difference is embracing all challenges and triumphs in life.  Venice brings the reader into her world in a transparent way that allows you to feel like you can embrace your difference too.  After reading Embracing My Difference, you will walk away ready to break through your barriers without feeling alone and fearful; while not being afraid to take charge to put things into effect to live a life you love with purpose


From Chapter 1’I remember going back to high school one morning after recovering from losing my memory ready to get back on track.  When I walked in, my guidance counselor said, “Sweetie, you only have three credits, there is no way you are going to catch up, I’m sorry, you might as well get your GED.’  I thought, huh, was she really a guidance counselor?? I’m only a sophomore, of course I’m going to catch up!


Poem from… What is your Difference, Your Gift- Chapter
                                           Be Yourself
     To be happy you must learn to accept who you really are.
         You must realize that no matter what others think, to God you are a   star.
     You must look into yourself, and see what others may not see, find your purpose in life, to be all that you can be.
     Love others, keep a smile, and do what you have to do,
If you keep a positive attitude people will feel with the thought of you.
     If you look into yourself you can find out who you really are;
Never limit yourself because to the sky you can go and that can be very far.
     Keep it real with yourself, as well as those you come across,
That way if anyone crosses you it can be his or her loss.
     When you finally make it to the sky and are really who and what you want to be; Don’t forget where you came from, because of where you are going… Most Importantly- Be Yourself.
                                       -Venice R. Garner’

Web pic2Venice R.Garner is a Bronx, NY native.  She holds two bachelor degrees from Lincoln University, PA in Journalism and Human Services.  While on Lincoln University’s campus, Venice was a very active student on campus.  Venice is a former Ms. Lincoln University and published her first book of poetry, “Because I am Different” at the age of 21!



Venice lives her life by old adages, as “God won’t give you anything you can’t handle,” and Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?”  Her favorite quote is, “Everyday is a good day, it’s just that some days are better than others.”


Venice received her Master’s In Clinical Social Work Degree at the University of Maryland, School of Social Work at the young age of 23.  She was also the Chair of OASIS, the Organization of African Students In Social Work at the University of Maryland while on campus.  Venice is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist.  Venice is also a member of the Order of Eastern Star, OES-FAAYM.


In addition to a therapist, life coach, author and motivational speaker, Venice’s recent experience is in corporate special education, in which she was the Senior Director of a Private Special Education School providing a structured therapeutic environment and enhanced academics to students with mental health and learning disabilities in the state of Connecticut.  Venice recently took a “leap of faith” and resigned from her corporate education position to work on Embracing Your Difference full time.


Embracing your Difference is a private practice & motivational firm in which Venice continues to motivate and inspire people through individual & couples therapy, self-esteem enhancement, young mothers and post-partum workshops/groups, LCSW Supervision and also a mentoring program.  Venice also has the Embrace Your Difference Mentoring and Prayer conference each year.  She speaks in various cities promoting her book and to motivate, inspire, and help women/men and all young adults reach their full potential.


Venice lives in Connecticut with her fiancé and children.  You can find her on Instagram @embrace_your_difference or email [email protected] for bookings.  Her website is www.embraceyourdifference.com.


Get to know Venice:

What is Embracing My Difference about?

The book is about what my company is all about- Embracing your challenges and true self to reach your full potential.  In this book I am transparent about some of my biggest challenges and triumphs I’ve had to endure and embrace from identity issues, grief, power of prayer, friendship, mentorship, love and being a mompreneur.  I had to remove the fear those challenges bought me to find my purpose.

What made you want to write the book, ‘Embracing My Difference’?

My company is named Embracing Your Difference, and I have lived my life encouraging others to embrace their challenges and to continue to be motivated through God while standing firm on your dreams…but I never talked about where the company name came from…so I felt it was time for me to be transparent to on how I have and am Embracing My Difference.

What is the overall message of your book, Embracing My Difference?

The message is that we all go through challenges and hard times, but if you think about the gift of life, God gave life not to harp on the negative but to utilize your life is to embrace all of it to be who you are purposed/destined to be.  Using challenges as an excuse crutch to prevent you from succeeding is not using your life as a Gift from God.  Once you talk about it, pray, and get through it, it is then that you have embraced it and can live your life and even help others.

I see you use difference in the book a lot, why so?

 I want my readers to understand that in the book the word differences means challenges.  And once you are able to be vulnerable about your challenges (to trusted individuals of course) you can see that we are not very different from one another, we all go through challenges; it is just the hope that through God you can embrace them to realize it was meant to go through it.

What is Embracing Your Difference, LLC.?

Embracing Your Difference is a private practice and motivational firm that helps couples and individuals embrace life and live their full potential.  I provide individual and couples counseling, workshops, school consultation, post partum groups, and speak at different events, (Banquets, Conferences, Churches, Schools, Luncheons,) etc. about various topics surrounding Embracing Your Difference.

What inspires you to continue to Embrace Your Difference?

God. My fiancé and kids. My dope friends. And myself-I’ve always had something inside me at a young age to inspire others and keep pushing no matter what.  Now that I have my own family, I do everything I do for God and for them.

What is the Embracing Your Difference Conference? A huge component to Embracing Your Difference is our Annual Mentoring & Prayer Conference.  This conference consist of prayer, reflection exercises, networking, mentoring, poets, keynote speakers, tributes, vendors, and empowerment.  At the conference there are mentor and mentee applications, and a group of panelist from throughout the United States from different professions in which the young ladies and men are able to ask questions about how they were able to embrace their difference and about their professional and personal journey. Embrace Your Difference Mentoring Program links young women and men to mentors throughout the east coast, and they are connected each year through one on one activities and the EYD Mentor/Mentee Brunch.

Find the author and the book:
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/embraceyourdifference/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
Instagram- @embrace_your_difference
Psychology Today-  www.psychologytoday.com Look up Connecticut Therapist- Type in Venice Garner
Email:   [email protected] or [email protected]
Book can be purchased at www.embraceyourdifference.com or on www.amazon.com


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