"Dropping Literary Jewels: In The Situation Room with Kisha Green"

Here’s The Situation… You’re a new author and you’re looking for help with promoting your novel, but you can’t seem to find the websites or services you seek. So what do you do now? Well, if your name is Kisha Green, you create your own.


The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino takes a moment to speak with Kisha about her latest releases, and also to find out how and why she’s become the self-made literary phenom she is today.


Michelle: Your latest release is titled A Write Way To Love. What is it about?


Kisha: It’s a short story that I released on to Kindle/Nook about a married author who thought she married the man of her dreams only to realize it was a beautiful nightmare.


Michelle: Why did you decide to let your main character have a career as a best-selling author?


Kisha: I’m an author and just wanted to tell a love story from a author’s point of view.



Michelle: Would you consider it a love story? Why or why not?


Kisha: I do because Crystal endured pain in the name of love to finally learn what love truly was.



Michelle: Where did you get the idea for the theme of A Write Way To Love? Is it a memoir of sorts, or is it totally fiction?


Kisha: The inspiration came from my own personal experience mixed with fiction.



Michelle: What do you want readers to walk away with after reading A Write Way To Love?


Kisha: I want readers to know that love never fails…



Michelle: You have also dabbled in erotica, with your latest release being Fefe’s Freaky Tale. What can you tell us about the storyline?


Kisha: Fefe is a freak…lol and will stop at nothing to satisfy her insatiable appetite. If you are an erotica fan than this is one story you do not want to miss out on reading.



Michelle: Do you prefer to write fiction or erotica? Explain.


Kisha: I like the freedom of both but erotica takes me out of my normal writing comfort zone because it’s very graphic and sensual. Fiction it’s a regular formula whereas erotica allows you to be sexy and uninhibited.



Michelle: You write in different genres, but always publish under “Kisha Green.” Is there a reason why you haven’t adopted a pseudonym?


Kisha: I have a pen name that I write under but for a long time I was just Kisha Green and never considered having a pseudonym.



Michelle: Kisha, you are so much more than “just” an author when it comes to your input and impact in the book industry. You created the Writers Vibe website (www.writers-vibe.com) in 2008 for a distinct purpose. Please tell us what that is.


Kisha: When I entered the literary industry in 2007, I just wanted to spread the word about my book so I reached out to literary websites to be featured and never got a response. So I wanted to create a literary website to promote their books for free as well as commentary from up and coming authors and that was how Writer’s Vibe was born and the same story applied when I was seeking radio interviews so I created my own online radio show, Writer’s Life Chats (www.writerslifechats.com). I began offering literary consulting as well because of my experience I had once attempting to learn more about publishing led me to educate myself on the business of publishing so that I could help others. Writer’s Vibe ended in December of 2011 and Literary Jewels (www.literary-jewels.com) was born and with that I blog about anything and everything literary as well as postings of book reviews and buzzworthy books.



Michelle: You also have your own company DivaBooks, Inc. that offers myriad author services. Care to elaborate on what it is you can offer aspiring and established authors alike?


Kisha: I offer Literary Consults, Author Interviews, Book Reviews, E-blasts and Social Media Marketing Campaigns delivered with quality service but also inexpensive.



Michelle: What does your social media campaign, which is geared toward author promotion, consist of and how does one become a part of it?


Kisha: I promote a book, brand or service via my social networks. To be promoted one would just reach out to me via email at kishagreenonline@yahoo.com or through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.



Michelle: There are many unpublished authors out here seeking representation. Is DivaBooks, Inc. taking on any new talent? If so, how are submissions handled?


Kisha: Currently, we are not accepting submissions but I work with a lot of different publishers that through one of my consults a aspiring author would definitely be pointed in the right direction regarding their literary fate.



Michelle: Your novels take on real-life issues. Is it your purpose to write stories with an underlying message, or does that just happen automatically during the writing process?


Kisha: Life is filled with so many lessons so I try to make sure my stories convey a message to readers.


Michelle: Speaking of which, once you’re inspired, walk us through conception to conclusion when crafting your novels. Meaning, what is your writing process?


Kisha: I start with a mental outline and then transfer my thoughts to paper. Depending on my writing mood, I’ve finished a novel in two weeks and have taken as long as nine months but as of late with the release of my short stories those take 2-3 weeks to complete. After typing The End, I proofread and do a set of rewrites before sending the completed story to my editor.



Michelle: At the end of the day, when someone hears the name “Kisha Green,” what principle would you like to be synonymous with?


Kisha: A focused, determined, effective networking literary jewel dropper!




About The Author


Who is Kisha Green? Kisha Green is no stranger to the literary world. She is the well-informed and very knowledgeable publisher of DivaBooksInc.(www.divabooksinconline.com) and author of many books under her imprint, including “And Even If I Did,” “If It Aint One Thing, It’s Another,” “Dear Mommy” and “Mental Seduction,” and recently released short stories “A Write Way to Love” and “Fefe’s Freaky Tale”.
As the host of her own Blog Talk Radio show, “Writer’s Life Chats,” (www.writerslifechats.com), Green interviews aspiring as well as seasoned authors, Writer’s Life Chats was nominated for Best BlogTalk Show in 2008 and 2009. In February of 2011 and 2012 she recently took the honors of winning for Best Blogtalk Host. She is also a book reviewer whose work has appeared on the websites Urban Book Source, Shelfari,Goodreads, and Amazon.com among others.

Green was a senior writer and founder of the Writer’s Vibe (www.writers-vibe.com) a literary site to help promote artists. Kisha also participated in a panel discussion at a Rutgers University, where she sat with other authors and poets, speaking with students about the literary industry: publishing and writing books, the importance of investing in an editor, and the hardships up-and-coming authors may face and in 2007, Green was nominated Self-Published Author of the Year.

Green recently launched Literary Jewels (www.literary-jewels.com), a helpful resource for aspiring writers interested in self-publishing but need direction.

Green has a jones for literature and is a firm believer in “each one, teach one.” She assures, “There is room at the top for everyone in the literary world.” Green is destined to take literary Hollywood by storm.





Married to the man of her dreams, Crystal thinks she has it all: beautiful home, designer clothes and a successful career as a best-selling author. She details her accomplishments in her journal, but she has no idea that her entries will soon turn into the fiction she often writes about.


Because of her husband’s reckless infidelities, Crystal’s picture perfect marriage now sits in a shattered frame. Not even her imaginative mind can fathom a happily ever after as she endures an immeasurable amount of pain in the name of love.


We all know that hell has no fury like a woman scorned, so how will Crystal exact her sweet revenge? Will she sink down as low as her husband and try to even the score, or will she fly above it all and, in return, receive a gift that money could never buy?


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