District 69: In The Situation Room with Ra'Mone Marquis

Ra’Mone Marquis is a Florida native. He received his bachelor’s degree from Florida International University, anMichelle Cuttino - Ra'Mone Marquisd also became a proud 2005 initiate of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He went on to receive his Masters degree from the University of Phoenix. Ra’Mone created the brand, The Quis Box. It includes everything from a blog, discussion forum, videos, and more. He is also the Founder and President of True T.A.L.E.N.T.S. Foundation, Inc.; a 501c3 nonprofit that he started in 2011. Its mission is to mentor and enrich the youth of our communities, ages 13-18 years old. With talents including music and the dramatic arts, Ra’Mone finds joy in writing, cooking, entertainment, exercising, eating, and traveling.

The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino spoke with Marquis about his youth outreach program, and his District 69 book series

Michelle: Tell us a little about Ra’Mone Marquis.

Ra’Mone: I was born and raised in Florida, and was raised by my grandparents. I hold three college degrees, and love to inspire and motivate people—especially young people. My favorite color is blue. I don’t like heights, although I love rollercoasters. I started playing the piano at seven years old, and started writing when I was about eleven or twelve. It was mostly due to the need to release things I was feeling. I am currently living in Miami, FL. I work every day at achieving a variety of goals.

Michelle: When did you know you were going to be a writer?

Ra’Mone: I didn’t know I was going to be a writer until 2013. I’ve always loved writing poetry, essays, and academic papers. Writing has always been a part of my life. I always felt I told stories that always had folks interest. I was motivated by one of my frat brothers to start putting my stories and experiences on paper. There was no turning back.

Michelle: In all the genres there are to write in, why did settle on erotica?

Ra’Mone: I love sex. I never shy away from the subject. Various topics of sexuality have always intrigued me, which was why I took classes when I was pursuing my undergraduate degree. Additionally, erotica was always one of the genres I read. I always felt my stories, or the stories of others I know, were as good as or better than the ones I read. Erotica and sex are highly popular in today’s society. Making it an overall experience is highly appreciated by lovers of all things related to sex.

Michelle: Tell us a little about your first book, District 69: The Crimson Edition.

Ra’Mone: It is a collection of real-life escapades of myself and those I know. These stories take place in Miami, and allow the readers to take a peek into various parts of Miami while going on a very sensual joyride. These stories are told through the eyes of three main characters, and are sequenced in a way that truly provides an unregretful journey.

Michelle: You followed this book up with District 69: The Color Haven and District 69: The Greek Chronicles. What are these books about?

Ra’Mone: The Color Haven upgrades the high levels of sensuality and entertainment of the first book. It utilized specific colors to cater to the various sexual preferences of people. The Greek Chronicles provides a very intricate and interesting look into Greek life beyond the stereotypical information and rumors. The variety and transparency in this book is at an all-time high.

Michelle: Is there more to come from the “District 69” series?

Ra’Mone: There will be one more book in my “District 69” series. I will take a break and do other titles before I close this series out.

Michelle: You’ve created your own brand, “The Quis Box.” What is your message and your mission?

Ra’Mone: One’s sexuality should be cherished not hindered

Michelle: You are also the Founder and President of the nonprofit organization, True T.A.L.E.N.T.S. Foundation, Inc. Tell us about it.

Ra’Mone: True T.A.L.E.N.T.S. Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization formed to enrich youth of the community ages 13-18. For more information, you can visit our website at www.ttfoundation5.com.

Michelle: Writers often have a driving force that incites them to create. Who or what is your muse?

Ra’Mone: My own life experience is my muse. All of my books come from real-life experiences, and are told in a way that will cause individuals to feel as if they are there in the moment when the particular story is taking place. This is what really grasps the readers and allows them to relate to what is going on.

Michelle: What else can we look forward to from Ra’Mone Marquis?

Ra’Mone: I am looking to write books from other genres, as well as dedicate myself to the success of other endeavors that are soon to come.

Michelle: When it’s all said and done, what do you want readers to walk away with once they’ve read one of your novels?

Ra’Mone: That I entertained them, inspired them, and made them happy.

Michelle: Tell our readers how they can contact and/or follow you.

Ra’Mone: My contact information is as follows:

Twitter: @ramonemarquis.

Instagram: @ramonemarquis, @kacebooks and @ttfoundation5

Facebook: facebook.com/ramone.fluellen and facebook.com/district69tce

Website: www.ramonemarquis.com

Youtube: Quis Box



Michelle CuttinoFrat houses, step shows, unlimited parties are just a small part of the world of Greek life. You have undergrads and alumnus, business owners and artists. You have your ladies man and the introverted sorority chick. You have seasoned veterans and persistent rookies. One thing that all of these individuals have in common? Erotic sensuality and romance that is heightened by the many advantages, pros, and cons of being in a Greek organization. Let’s take a look at these Greek organizations from a more personal and intimate level. In District 69: The Greek Chronicles, you get to see other levels and aspects to Greek men and women. The love, sex, romance, and drama that these characters go through, combined with the various twists and turns; comes to the forefront in the third installment of the District 69 series. Take a ride through the various intricacies and livelihoods of both the historically Caucasian and African-American fraternities and sororities. In this book, erotica is experienced at a different level with the different facets that comes with Greek life. You will experience firsthand sexual and romantic escapades while diving into the personalities and levels of Greek men and women, from various walks of life.

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