Differences By. Brian W. Smith

Coming June 2011 from HollyGrove Publishing

The Jackson family is dysfunctional. Six spoiled adult siblings that do not get along. Their father (Conway Jackson) tried to get his kids to end their differences when he was alive, but failed miserably. So, what he couldn’t do while alive, he intends to do from the grave.

Conway leaves each one of them $100,000, but stipulates in his will that the siblings who have the biggest “issues” with each other must team up and go on a scavenger hunt to find their inheritance. They have 72 hours to find the money or it will all be donated to charity. It isn’t long before the search for the money takes a back seat to discussions about painful family secrets that have gone unaddressed for years. Can this group of “hot heads” settle their “differences” in time to find the cash?


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