Dawn Hardy of Dream Relations talks Publicity

How did the creation of  Dream Relations come about?

I started Dream Relations 6 months before leaving my last full-time gig. I received so many requests to consult authors in urban fiction, but I declined since I was working at TWP.

I always knew I wanted to do publicity so a friend referred an indie record label as my first client. When I launched full-time I contacted everyone I knew in publishing to share the good news.

What is one mistake new publicist will make that you want them to avoid?

Since entering into the publishing industry in 2002 I see that newbies go into book PR and oversell what they can do and they charge for organizing basic book signings. Authors can plan their own book signings. They can’t book themselves on national television, syndicated radio and long lead publications like Ebony, Elle, Black Enterprise and People magazine. A publicist gets press…bottom line. Anything else is toppings on the ice cream. The press is the ice cream.

What is your current project you are working on exposing?

In addition to day-to-day client matters for Dream Relations I am working on penning my first book. It’s a self-help book for those who want to self-publish. My book shares the need-to-know information that authors should consider before spending money to self publish. I pull from the most common errors self published authors make. So many spend time and money unnecessarily because they just didn’t know any better. We will do better when we know better.

Dream Relations offers consultations to prospective authors and gives them a complete publishing 101 overview along with resources so they can put what they’ve heard into prospective as it relates to their own book project. The book is inspired from those consultations.

I’m also doing the PR for Behind Those Books, the documentary on the culture of urban fiction.

You are looking to become a literary agent, what will be your role and why the new change?

Since I already was a publicist and production consultant it made sense to learn the art of making the book deal. As a professional I wanted to qualify to offer services for those who didn’t want to self-publish. I recently started working under Regina Brooks of Serendipity Literary Agency. I always want to learn from the best and Regina’s reputation as an agent is stellar. I’m looking to acquire non-fiction, self-help, chick-lit, relationship, leadership and faith-based empowerment titles.

Where do you see your company in two years?

In two years I’d like to see Dream Relations establishing more African American writers on the USA Today and New York Times bestsellers list. I personally want to complete authoring a series of self-help books on publishing, and as an agent I’m ambitious enough to believe I will negotiate trendsetting book and movie deals for clients. I want to be known as a power player in publishing.


Get to Know Dawn:

Dawn Michelle Hardy is an award-winning publicist who founded Dream Relations, PR & Literary Consulting in 2004. Prior she oversaw the day-to-day production and sales operations for self-published author turned New York Times best-selling author Teri Woods (True to the Game, Dutch, Alibi). Dawn Michelle has created PR campaigns for authors signed with Hachette Book Group, Simon & Schuster and Kensington/Dafina in addition to launching the careers of endless self-published authors in African American fiction and self-help. She recently joined the team at Serendipity Literary Agency as an agent. Dawn Michelle is currently writing her first book, “Stop the Press: 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Self Publish“.

Find more about Dawn Hardy and Dream Relations at

Website www.dreamrelations.com

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  1. Dawn is the best to ever do what she’s doing! I believe in her and what her company stands for and I’m so excited to be able to include her in on my next project! Great interview!

    Jessica A. Robinson, author of Holy Revenge

  2. To My Very Special Neice Im Very Honor To Say You Are My First Born Niece I Always Know You Would Make Something Out Of LIFE You Have Worked Very Hard And God IS Not Finish With Your Company Its Just The Door OpeningJUst Remember A Church Is Bulit From The Ground Upwards Be The Person You ALways Been Since You Were LIttle Bright , Smart Willing TO Archieve The Things In Life Im very Proud Of YOU


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