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DOTG-INTHESHADOWS-HI-RESMemories cling to us like moisture from a fog, transforming us in ways we can’t imagine.
Monique Waters can’t help who she is–neither can her siblings, Michelle and Ricardo. All three grew up in the shadows of the Waters’ throne, learning to swallow nightmares and digest fear, pretending to be normal but silently suffering. All three of them are stronger because of it; all three of them are devastated by it.
Even Armand is inextricably linked to the Waters’ in a way that no one but Pete Waters knows. And it is possible that, because of the Waters, Armand has suffered most of all.
To understand the ending of the Daughter of the Game series, you must first go back and learn the beginning. Discover who the Waters really are and the actual price of inheriting the Waters’ throne.
Trivia about the book:
Where do the ideas for Daughter of the Game come from?
Why did you write the Daughter of the Game Prequel?
What can we expect from the finale?
What inspires you?
Do you write in other genres?
Who are you characters based on?
What book is next?
Quotes from the book:
1. Monique made herself a promise. She was never going to love a man like her mother loved Pete.
2. Titan looked Armand in the eye.  “You made the right move, Army, by coming over here.”
3. Safety, no…sanity, required running from Pete, the Waters and everything connected to their life.
4. Monique said the words Armand wanted to hear: “I want you to be my first. So I will always remember.”
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