Darling Nikki By E.V. Adams

Coming February 28, 2012 from (Publisher: Strebor/Simon & Schuster)


Nikki Johnson was the perfect wife to millionaire realestate tycoon Duncan Johnson until discovering his mistress and love child.Stressed out by her husband’s infidelity, her teenage son’s carelessness, andher son’s pregnant girlfriend moving in, Nikki has had enough. When Duncancannot get in touch with his upset wife, he uncovers evidence that makes himsuspicious of a secret affair going on between Nikki and her ex-husband, ChanceBrown, and wonders if she is the culprit behind a death threat he receives.

Chance, a successful attorney, is just as skeptical when hisonce spiteful ex-wife comes back into the picture remarried claiming to stillbe in love with him. During a private getaway to Las Vegas, Nikki’s bitter sidere-emerges as they reminisce on their past relationship, how he has neglectedtheir son since the divorce, and why he cheated on her with a close familyfriend. His suspicions are confirmed when Nikki lures him into a death trap,but why?

With a dangerous love triangle and a mother out for revenge,Darling Nikki is a cunningly craftedthriller sure to keep readers guessing until the very end.

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