Confessions of a Reformed Cougar: The Accidental Cougar by Holly Mosley Cooper

accidentalcougarLife as an accidental cougar is every bit as steamy, wild and dangerous as you’d expect. Janet wasn’t looking for commitment. She tried that. It was boring. She was a carefree artist, playing the field, playing around, and having fun with the young men that seemed to fall into her arms. She was living lavish and loving savage. Janet proved to be a true example of the old saying that, “Hurt people hurt people.” Then, a new man enters her life. With him her life seems wonderful. Their love comes hot and easy; until time reveals that he is not the man that he portrayed himself to be. Tables turn, lives change and breathless moments lead to loss of breath. Will the heart-breaker finally be broken?


Needless to say, the young man did call and it was decided that Janet would make dinner for them at her house…In retrospect, that may not have been a wise decision but it worked out. Janet: “As it turned out, Junior was quite well hung…and quite skilled at love making for a young man. It seemed that he wanted to know what some of my fantasies were? Um junior, that may not be the wisest question to ask a freak…I’m just saying…” well Janet told the young man that she had always wanted to be kissed from head to toe.  That’s the thing about the young ones, they are so obedient. He then proceeded to do just that. He started at her forehead and worked his way down her body ever so slowly. He paused only briefly at her lips to tease her with his tongue and then he moved to her neck.


img_20160923_055614-1Holly Mosley Cooper was born in Orlando, FL and educated in the Orange County Public Schools. She holds several degrees primarily focused on technical communication, health care, paralegal studies and business management, administration and information technology. She is an alumnus of Florida A & M University, the University of Central Florida, Everest University and Rollins College.
Ms. Cooper has spent her career, over 20 years, as an administrator in the non profit sector. She has been writing for many years but only recently became a published author three years ago.  In the past four years, she has  been a blogger.  This has given her the opportunity to express her feelings and opinions on many of today’s issues of modern life.  It also affords her the outlet to talk about her life experiences.
She has three children but only one at home. She is raising her youngest son alone. This is particularly challenging because he was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or High Functioning Autism. Through the process of getting his diagnosis, she has realized that she also has Asperger’s Syndrome.
“Confessions of a Reformed Cougar” is her book series and “Life Is a Precious Gift,” her first book is her autobiography. Ms. Cooper says, “I love to write and I feel that it would be terribly selfish of me not to share it with others. God has blessed me with this wonderful ability and I am tremendously grateful every day for it!”
Get to know the author:
1) Who is your favorite author?
Terry McMillan is my favorite but I am quite fond of Zane, Mary Higgins Clark and Nora Roberts
2) When did you first start writing?
 I have been writing since Junior High School. However, I have only been a published author for three years
3) What inspired you to write your latest book?
I wanted to do something a little different. I was hoping to do something that would resonate with people.  My first book was an autobiography. I wrote one fiction book, a romance novel and then I decided to turn it into a series.
4) How did you come up with the title of your latest book?
My title form my latest book came from being teased by my friends often about being a Cougaar. I found that comical but then I started thinking about possible titles and “Confessions of a reformed Cougar: seemed like the best choice. I think it was a great decision.
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