Coming back to the game: a chat with Donneil D. Jackson

9780980031119As one of the hottest radio personalities, Kayla, the Gossip Queen, has the fast-paced, glamorous life that many dream of. But one thing eludes her. Love. Growing up in a family where her father was nothing more than a monthly check, Kayla sets her sights on finding true love, even if he comes attached to another. She’s determined to create the perfect family of husband, wife, home, and children–even if she has to slip up and make a ton of mistakes along the way.

After a decade of being with a man who constantly makes her question her role in his life and her vision of the perfect family, Kayla has to ask herself, “Am I right to fight for this love, or am I being foolish?”

Get to know the Author:

Donneil D. Jackson is a writer by nature and a Jersey girl by heart. Growing up a sheltered child, she used writing as an escape from her everyday life. She discovered that with writing she could be someone else, do things Donneil would never do and entertain others. Donneil has been writing for as long as she can remember, ever since her mother placed a pencil in her hand. The girl has a niche for painting an elaborate scene while telling a descriptive tale. One day she began writing Chante’s Song marking the beginning of her professional writing career.

20130510_182848Your first book Chante’s Song came in2008. Tell us how that journey was for you?

My journey to releasing Chante’s Song was one I will always remember. It was a refreshing eye opener. I was on cloud nine. I was elated that people wanted to read my book. Elated is an understatement. My first book signing I sold out. I was soaring through the air with all the positive praise Chante’s Song received. Five years later I still smile, when someone tells me they enjoyed my writing, or would like to discuss the book or questions when the next one is coming.

You released your sophomore novel Foolish this year, why the long wait in between books?

I actually began writing Foolish the later part of 2008. The plan was to release it in 2009 and then life happened. Nothing went as planned. I’m single mother with a daughter in Catholic school. While I would love to be a fulltime novelist, reality is I can’t quit my day job.

What were some things that contributed to you taking a break from your writing career?

I simply lost my passion. I lost my mojo. There’s a scene in the movie Love and Basketball where Q asks Monica why did she stop playing ball. She tells him it’s because something was missing. It wasn’t fun anymore. She was missing him. Although I wasn’t missing a person (I’m a writer I can create ‘him’J), writing wasn’t fun anymore.  I felt like Monica. My passion and my mojo are slowing coming back.

What would you tell authors coming into the game to help them stay focus?

Remember why you write. Always remember why you write. Sometimes we forget that and as result write nothing. Sometimes you have to go back to the basics. I had to dig into the crates and read stories I wrote in high school or college just to get my love for my craft back.

If you write because you like to entertain others keep that in mind when you stare at the blank page. If writing is your escape, remember that and escape into your blank page.

What can we expect from you in the future?

You can always look forward to Donneil D. Jackson sweeping you away into pure bliss with my writing. To stay current with what I am doing please visit

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