Champagne: In The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino

Michelle Cuttino - ChampageHere’s the situation… A mother of eight, inspiring actress, and entrepreneur decided to add author to her list of titles.

The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino caught up with Champagne to find out more about her debut novel titled The Goddess of Lust, Love, and Infatuation.


Michelle: Please give us the genre of your book and a 30-word synopsis.

Champagne: My book is an urban fiction novel, based in an urban area around early 2000. The oldest daughter, Heavenly, has experienced a very stable  life growing up as a devoted Christian. The family was very loving, always spent time together, and they created an unbreakable bond. Changes began to suddenly take place among Heavenly parents, as they thought their actions were unnoticed. They were caught up in their ways of coping with life and the secrets that started to unravel. Heavenly parents didn’t recognize how friendly she had become with the neighborhood drug dealer.


Michelle: Why did you choose that title?

Champagne: This title stands for the many things misrepresented in the world. We lust for things on a regular basis—car, house, relationships, etc. We sometimes mix this up with love, when it’s really the infatuation of lust, which can feel like, or turn into, a selfish love.


Michelle: Tell us a little bit about your book cover. Who designed it and why did you go with that particular layout?

Champagne: I really love my book cover. She seems to be meditating and thinking of other ways to deal with her problems, much like Heavenly. My publishing company, Shar-Shey, designed it and gave me exactly what I wanted.


Michelle: Who is your favorite character from The Goddess of Lust, Love, and Infatuation, and why?

Champagne: Heavenly is my favorite character, because she has shown her weakness and also her strength.


Michelle: How about your least favorite character?  What makes them less likeable?

Champagne: My least favorite character is the queen, Theresa. She has been manipulative from the beginning and has only become worse to maintain her control.


Michelle: How did you begin writing?

Champagne: I always wrote in a journal as a kid. I became more interested in writing when even as an educated woman, I realized the ordinary professional job was not for me.


Michelle: As a single mother of eight, how do you juggle your domestic responsibilities with your writing career?

Champagne: Being a mother of eight children can teach you a lot along the way. Multi-tasking is normal for me now, and I pray often for the strength to move forward in my career. There have been many sleepless nights, but I know my future is worth it.


Michelle: From where do you draw inspiration for your novels?

Champagne: Many things help inspire my writing, my own personal journey, my environment, and most of all my imagination. I have a message to tell, it’s not just a book for me.


Michelle: How has growing up in New York shaped you as a writer?

Champagne: My town is small, but it was great times, and also some really rough times. New York has taught me many ways to deal with life and different walks of life.


Michelle: What else can we expect from you in the future?

Champagne:  I have Part 2 to my series, Blissful Lust, and an anthology with three other authors, Dark Memories, coming real soon.


Michelle: Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?

Champagne: Believe in yourself and invest in your dreams, because it’s your dreams not anyone else’s.


Michelle: How can readers contact and/or follow you?

Champagne:  Follow me on Facebook @ChampagneBCMC, or join my Facebook Group @thegoddesschampagne. Instragram: @authoresschampagne. Email: [email protected].


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