Certified Book Reviewer

Become a Certified Book Reviewer

The AAMBC main office receives submissions from authors on a weekly bases inquiring for an AAMBC book review. Book reviews on a novel are crucial because they help promote the author’s novels. The AAMBC Book Review Team is constantly in search for devoted members and readers who will serve AAMBC’s purpose. As a part of the review team you will receive monthly free copies of many urban novels. You get to keep those novels from AAMBC mailed straight to your home. You must be a committed member to be a part of the review team and must return reviews to the review board on time. To inquire for a position on the team simply email us at aambookclub@gmail.com . From there you will be sent the application and a request for more information. Join the team today and say that you are making a difference in the Urban Lit. Industry.