Crossroads: The Long Way Home By Vince Howard

SYNOPSIS: As a teenager living in the inner city, Benjamin Frazier is extremely hopeful for his future. But there are no guarantees in life; he must undergo numerous tests of his judgment and his decisions have the power to transform his destiny. Standing at a crossroads and staring down the unknown, Benji can embark on five different paths. But where will each decision lead? And more importantly -- can he live with the consequences of his choices? While the narrator serves as a spiritual guide to Benji, as readers, we are compelled to consider our own life choices and confront the resulting circumstances. Offering an insight into the diversity of the African American experience, Crossroads speaks to people of all ages, genders, nationalities and races and reminds us that we are often only ONE decision away from a totally different life.  EXCERPT:  "Tootie Mo was bullying Benji to the point...
 Crossroads: The Long Way Home By Vince Howard
The Things We Bring To The Table By Rod Palmer
Michelle Opens Her First Bank Account By Charron Monaye

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Destination Wedding by Jacqueline J. Holness

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The Ink in Conversation with Julia Royston

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“Office Affairs” by. Vette Wilson

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Vicenary: A Collection of Black and African Culture Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories by George Blacken

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Leaves and their Tree: a poetry collection by Paris Jessie

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Family Time Comics by Brandon Foster

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Free to Love You final cover(1)

Free to Love You by A.S. Wilson

Anthony “Roc” Carmichael is a free man. Having served over a decade in prison for crimes he didn’t commit, he is released from prison filled with a fierce determination to … Read more

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