Back To Dixie By Len Hyde

Synopsis In the not-too-distant future, Workfare will replace welfare in America. The Workfare program will require everyone receiving any form of assistance to work in government assigned jobs for not much more than food and shelter. Because of this, many will equate it to modern day slavery, especially since it will affect the nation’s black, brown, and poor citizens disproportionately. Back to Dixie takes readers on a powerful and emotional journey through a course of events that divide the country, possibly irreparably. The story follows a group of friends as the political pendulum aggressively swings from far left to far right. They go from thriving in a purposefully compassionate America one moment to being wards of the state with no rights in the next. The story chronicles the career of an ultra-conservative politician from the Deep South as he ascends to the highest office in the free world, where he...
Back To Dixie By Len Hyde
Black Was The Ink By Michelle Coles
Literary Truths | Webinar on discovering your Creative journey
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The Ink in Conversation with Julia Royston

Three women, Jillian, Vernice and Erma are connected by Faith, God and Service.  Jillian and Vernice are best friends and have been since the Sunshine Choir at age 5.  Erma … Read more


“Office Affairs” by. Vette Wilson

It is a shame Emiko, Treasure, Yoni, and Twila all had to find out this way, but hey, it is every Wo (Man) for themselves, and my coins after this … Read more


Vicenary: A Collection of Black and African Culture Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories by George Blacken

What is your story?  Heroes come in all forms, races, and cultures.  Africans and African Americans are not exceptions to this.  This collection of twenty new science fiction and fantasy … Read more

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Leaves and their Tree: a poetry collection by Paris Jessie

Paris Jessie’s debut poetry collection touches on joys and aches of the mind, body and heart. Her work captures both the fleeting and eternal as she explores family, memory, trauma … Read more


Family Time Comics by Brandon Foster

What lengths would you go to in order to recover what was taken from you? Meet Ashlon, a smart young lady with a very active imagination. When she returns home … Read more

Free to Love You final cover(1)

Free to Love You by A.S. Wilson

Anthony “Roc” Carmichael is a free man. Having served over a decade in prison for crimes he didn’t commit, he is released from prison filled with a fierce determination to … Read more


Hang All of the Mistletoe by K.O. McGee

About the Book:  Photographer, Elyce Scott can make one picture tell a thousand stories. The self-proclaimed “Daddy’s Girl,” is single and successful with a passion for beauty. However, with her … Read more


Sex Race and Robots by Dr Ayanna Howard

In the movies, robots can be terrifying. In reality, thinking machines are disrupting the world in ways that are even more disturbing than in Hollywood fantasies – but they also … Read more

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Stronger by Brandi Forte

About the Book: Dream Angelou is a college-educated, single mother hailing from Santa Monica, California striving to make a better life in D.C. with her son, King. Dream is as … Read more


Overstanding the Power of You by Poppii King

About the Book: In “Overstanding The Power of You” Poppii King walks us through the power between mind and matter backed by science and declassified CIA records documenting multiple studies … Read more

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