Can't Knock the Hustle By Nate Nati Holmes

Luther Del Vega aka Lu takes you on a journey reliving his childhood and the events that lead up to his own fate as he sits dying from a gunshot wound. While the reader knows the demise of the lead character from the inception of the book, it doesn’t stop you from pulling for him at every turn.     
From a tumultuous childhood where he is abandoned by his drug addicted mother and forced to fend for himself and his siblings,  to his reunion with his mother later in his childhood, to his induction into a life of crime and going in and out of prison.  While in prison Lu is transformed from learning about his African heritage and culture even changing his name to become a man he truly wants and tries to be in the music business. On the streets Lu enrolls in college and takes up with a past flame, but his past life catches up with him pitting his love against him in a war they never saw coming.
Can’t Knock the Hustle is a story that is true to many living in the hoods across America.  It is a story about real life and making choices and wrestling with change. It paints a vivid portrait of how a dysfunctional family affects a child’s decision making and life view.



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