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Dara Nichole Walker is an author, speaker, inspirational blogger, and advocate of the Word of God. Her published works include She Is, But He Ain’t, and her recently released novel, entitled  “Called Out”. Mrs. Walker loves to work with youth, and understands what they need from young adults such as herself; support, understanding, wisdom, and love.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Dara Nichole has worked with hundreds of teenagers, assisting them in building skills, and developing programs and activities to build their self-esteem, and facilitate group discussions.

Mrs. Walker has worked with organizations such as The King-Chavez-Parks Program, the Summer Incentive Program out of Eastern Michigan University, and  Urban Butterfly Ministries, and has been on many radio shows such as “Politics and Life” On 107.5 FM, “Strictly Gospel” On 89.3 fm, “Sports and Faith” on AM 1500, and other blog talk shows. Her mission is to reach as many young women as possible to help them understand their worth, and develop a healthy self image.

“Once we convey to young women who they are and their true value, they will start to understand their worth, and really start to walk in the things God has for them.”

Mrs. Walker advocates the word of God, and believes that it can change any situation:

“With the Word of God as your aid, you can move mountains, and assist people in changing their lives forever.”

Akiva Niran is finally entering her senior year of high school. These three years have been tough at Community Tech High School, but she made it. However, her last year in school comes with many more challenges;  between her brother coming of age and getting more attention from girls, to her cousin dealing with her relationship with a boyfriend that is way too old for her, Akiva is giving a lot of her prayer time, wisdom and herself to her family.
On top of family drama, Akiva’s dreams of dating the smartest, hottest, and most gracious guy in school (James) are threatened by a beautiful, popular cheerleader, Shawny, who will go to any lengths to make James her man.  As Akiva learns of James’ secret crush on her and rumors start to spread about their “soon to be” relationship, Akiva meets another boy, Alex, whose looks could knock her off her feet.  Does she choose the guy she believes she is meant to be with and deal with fighting off his “personal fan club”, or does she tempt fate, and take the unfamiliar route that leads to Alex?
Interview with Dara

1.)    Describe yourself for our visitors.- I’m a down to earth City girl from Detroit, who loves to laugh, buy jewelry, read, and play with my puppy. I love writing for pre-teens, and teen girls, and I know that is my calling! 

2.)    Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books? Michelle Andrea Bowen, Stephanie Perry Moore, Kim Brooks, Favorite books; Church Folk, He’s fine, but is he saved, and so many others I can’t pinpoint just one! I love reading.

3.)    What do you love about writing? I love the freedom of being able to create my own world, and deciding what is going to happen next. I love thinking about my past experiences and being able to add drama to them and put it in a book. I love the whole creative process.

4.)    Why did you decide to write for pre-teens and teens? I believe there are so many good books out here for pre-teens and teens, however sometimes they try to pick up books that are too old for them. When I was a teenager I didn’t see myself or my lifestyle in a lot of the books I read.  I wanted parents as well as teens to have something they could read, with girls and young women who are examples for them. Being a Christian isn’t easy, but it makes it easier when you have examples to follow.

5.)    How long have you been writing? Since I was a child. I used to write scripts for my parents and act out the stories for them! I would be all the characters. I always (Even to this day) like to watch television shows for the plot process, just to see how it turns out.  Even how characters are written in and out of stories.

6.)    What are you working on now? I am currently working on two projects; a Non fiction book about self image. I believe most women have a skewed self image, and just really helping them to understand that they are beautifully and wonderfully made, no matter what a man has to say, and my second book, entitled “In his shadow” about a girl who has a twin brother and how she fights for attention. I’m excited for both projects!

7.)    Where can we catch you on the internet? You can always check out my blog and my website You can also follow me on twitter at

Excerpt of the book

I laughed, and before I knew it, we were kissing. Our lips touched and I felt it all on the inside.

“Girl, your lips are so smooth,”he whispered as he kissed my ear. I put my hand on his face and rubbed his smooth skin. He began to kiss my neck and I sat up in his lap for more comfort.

Just as it was about to get too heavy, Rob yelled up the stairs. “Dawg, Alex, man, come here for a second!” Alex told me to ignore it. Two minutes later Rob was banging on the door. “Dawg, open up foreal man!”

Alex walked to the door and opened  it. “Wassup?”

“Dawg, let me talk to you out here in the hallway.” Five minutes later he came back in and told me to stay there until he got back. I really wanted to know what was going on; I was kind of scared. I started thinking about ways I could get home without getting in trouble and people I could call if something went down. For some strange reason, the only person I thought of was Kristen. Aunty Deborah was the only parent I knew who would let her child out of the house this late, cause I knew my mom and dad weren’t havin’ any of this. I knew this was a bad idea.

Alex came back in and told me that Rob thought his mom was home, so he was telling all the girls to leave and trying to clean up the place.

“So you about to take me home?” I inquired.

“Naw, we have to wait, ’cause Rob’s girl is still here and you, so we just gon’ wait.”

I didn’t understand the logic, but I had no choice. This is what I get. Rob came back up the stairs and told Alex to come back in the hallway. I turned on the TV and decided to watch tv. He came back in and sat down like nothing happened.

“So, what’s going on?”

“It’s not his mom.” Suddenly Rob guided his girlfriend into the room and grabbed Alex to come downstairs. I really didn’t understand what was going on out there. Rob’s girlfriend walked by me and said hi, and then flopped in the chair. She acted like this happened all the time.

“Excuse me, uh, do you know what’s going on?” I asked politely.

“Yeah, Alex’s ex-girlfriend is here and she is crazy, so he wants us to stay up here, ’cause girl, if she sees you, she’s liable to cut you.”  I rolled my eyes in the back of my head and fell back on the couch. Me, of all people. Do I just attract drama or what?
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