Bullets & Bloodlines 2 by CJ Hudson

coverOne split second has changed Ebony’s life forever. The two bullets were meant for bitter enemies, but instead found a resting place in her mother Norma Jean’s body. Ebony has no idea that the two men she loves the most are responsible for her pain. In this dark time in her life, Ebony wants nothing more than to see her future husband and brother come together as a family. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. The hatred between the two of them has doubled, causing Ebony to be torn apart even further. While the two of them plot against each other, Ebony is finally ready to make her decision. But it may be too little too late as someone very near and dear to her formulates a plan to make one of them pay the ultimate price.
“You must be Arnmondo,” Ross said with a snort.
“Yep,” Armondo answered, holding out his hand. Ross looked at it as if it was a pile of shit. Armondo dropped his hand back to his side and stared at Ross.
“Is it a problem, nigga?” Ross asked.
“I was just about to ask you the same damn question,” Armondo shot back.
Ross balled up his fists as if he was thinking about taking a swing at Armondo. Armondo casually slid his hand behind his back. After his and Buck’s last altercation at the hospital, he wasn’t taking any chances. He knew Buck well enough to know that he would probably be strapped the next time he saw him so he’d made it up in his mind that he wasn’t going to get caught slipping. Sensing the mounting tension between the two men, Ebony quickly went to stand by Armondo’s side. She loved them both, but Armondo was the love of her life. She grabbed Armondo’s hand and looked from him to Ross and back to him again.
“Look fellas,” she spoke fearfully. “This bickering has got to stop. It’s not going to help the situation.” Ebony looked over to her mother and became sad. A tear leaked from her left eye as she struggled to gain control of her emotions. “I know mama can hear us. Do you think she would want this Ross?” Ross looked at the way his sister was holding Armondo’s hand and grunted.
“You know what sis? You right. Ain’t no need to be all up in here at each other’s throats like this while mama is lying there unconscious. My fault dawg,” Ross said as he held his hand out. This time it was Armondo’s turn to be ornery. Ross smiled as Armondo stared at his hand. He got the feeling that if he shook Ross’ hand, he would somehow be making a deal with the devil. Ebony nudged her man while Ross’ hand remained extended. Taking the hint, Armondo grabbed Ross’ hand and shook it firmly.
“Look man. I don’t know what your brother has told you, but I’m more than willing to end this beef if he is,” Armondo declared as he tried to keep a straight face. He’d already made his mind up that he’d rather see Buck dead. Unbeknownst to Ebony Armondo had already put a plan in motion to wipe Buck off the face of the earth and he wasn’t even going to have to get his hands dirty to do it. In his eyes Buck had repeatedly disrespected him and it was almost time to pay the piper.
“Nigga yo’ ass here again?” Buck shouted from the doorway.
“Buck, don’t come up in here starting no bullshit,” Ebony said through gritted teeth.
“Fuck that! This nigga ain’t even family and every time I come up here, he camped up in here.”
“Fuck you nigga! I’m here to give my woman some support! If you don’t like it, that’s just too muthafuckin’ bad,” Armondo barked.
“Nigga what?” Buck growled as he stalked towards Armondo. Seeing his brother in the room caused his courage to double, knowing that if anything jumped off Ross had his back. Before he could get to Armondo however, Ross intercepted his path and pushed him back towards the doorway.
“Yo’ chill the fuck out!” Ross yelled. He then leaned in and whispered into Buck’s ear.
“Calm down bro. We’ll get that nigga soon enough.”
Posted upGet to know CJ: 

1)     Where did you get the nick name the keyboard assassin?

I was writing one day and a friend called me. I told him that I couldn’t talk because I was busy working on my novel. An hour later he called back and I was still writing. He was like “Damn man, you trying to kill the keyboard? Maybe I should call you the keyboard killer.” I changed it to keyboard assassin because I thought it sounded better.


2)     How long does it take you to write a book?

It depends. If I’m really into the story line then it kind of flows. In that instance, about a month and a half to two months.


3)     Who are some of your inspirations?

K’wan, Azarel, Quentin Carter, T-Styles and Treasure Blue, in no particular order.


4)How many publishing houses did you submit to before your manuscript was accepted by Life Changing Books.

If I remember correctly, about five.


4)     If you already had a publishing deal, why did you start self publishing?

Well, LCB has a deep roster, so it would be impossible for  to get out my material if I didn’t self publish. I have a lot of stories I want the world to read.


6) Can you list for the readers, tile by title, the names of your books? Chedda Boyz, Mo Chedda, Bloody Chedda, Hood Lawz, Hood Luv, A Love 2 Die 4, Knuckleheadz, Next Door Nympho 1, Next Door Nympho 2, Bullets & Bloodlines 1, and Bullets & Bloodlines 2.


7) What do you want a reader to take from a C.J Hudson novel.

I want them to realize that they are reading street lit in it’s purest form. I want them to say “Wow, that was a banger, but it wasn’t like other street lit books. It was different.” I want to them to anticipate my next release. And I want them to be thoroughly satisfied with the product they’ve just read


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Facebook: CjThewriterHudson

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For signed copies of my books(Chedda Boyz and Next Door Nympho 1 excluded) readers can email me at [email protected] and I will send them the link to purchase.

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