Brooklyn Streets Meet Wall Street by James Jimmy Richardson

fb_img_1476464603405smallComing from a ruff section of Brooklyn, New York, a young man climbs the ladder to success and falls in love. His happiness, however, can’t last forever, and an important friendship puts his future in jeopardy.

Josh Robinson was drifting through life. When he thinks about the man he wants to be in the future, the only thing he is certain of is that he wants to wear a suit. To Josh, a suit means respect. When people saw his father in a suit, they would go out of their way to call him Mister.

For his future, Josh picks one of the professions where wearing a suit is mandatory: securities trading. The second he sets foot on Wall Street, he knows he made a great decision.

His future looks even brighter when he meets the lovely Lisa. She is gorgeous and intelligent, but their relationship leads to a complicated and messy love triangle that will have severe repercussions for all of them.

In this novel of sweet romance and high finance, Josh is forced to make a difficult decision about his priorities and his future. Can he really have the dream job and the dream girl?




It had been two years since fulfilling my military obligation. I was working as a security guard at a college and happened to befriend a finance professor there. Professor Dean was around twenty years my senior, but we related to one another as if we were the same age. One morning after my night shift ended, I stopped by his office to chat. To my surprise he asked where I saw myself in five years. I sat there in shock for what seemed like an eternity. We’d never spoken on such a deep level before. He cut off my thoughts and said “if it takes you this long to answer, you have a problem.” He was right. Although I wanted to be a “somebody” in life, I had no direction. No idea of what I wanted to be and no idea of how to obtain that life.

So I told Professor Dean that I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew that I wanted to wear suits. My father was a singer in a gospel group, and when he would return home from a singing engagement, everyone would greet him as Mr. Perry. When he wasn’t performing, he worked as a custodian at a hospital. In his work clothes they would simply say hey or hi Perry. At a young age I realized that it was the suits he wore for his performances that made people address him differently. He was treated with respect, and I liked that.

The professor said well that’s a start and joked that I would probably have gone through multiple security uniforms by the time I wore a suit there at work.

We sat and chatted for a little while longer before I left so he could prepare for his first class of the day. On the train ride home I thought about my conversation with the professor as well as what the future held for me. I knew that I didn’t want to work security for the rest of my life. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but I had way bigger financial dreams than what they would pay me at that school or any other security guard company. The pay for guarding the country’s president and guarding the student body president of some school were of two different pay scales.

20161021_075422James Jimmy Richardson understands what it is to be a person of color working in the financial services industry. He was born in the Van Dyke Houses in Brooklyn, New York, and spent twenty years in financial services. He has worked as a securities trader, a financial advisor, an account manager for a trading software company, and a compliance officer.


Get to know James:


1. Why did you name the book “Brooklyn Streets Meet Wall Street”? I titled the book that so others outside of mainstream media would know that not only those people that those outlets shed light on is alive and thriving within financial cooperate America and abroad.
2. What do you wish to accomplish from this book? I want minorities of any race (but especially those from the black community) to know that you don’t need to play a sport, or rap to figure out your true path in life. There are plenty of opportunities out there. The question is, do you have the guts to go for it.
3.  What made you write this book? I wanted to write this book for years. but life had always seem to get in the way. I got so use to my day-to-day routine that by the time I got home I wasn’t motivated. I became stagnant regarding writing my thoughts. I was laid off from my last job and figured now is the time.
4. Who were your influences?: Everyone that I’ve ever met influenced me. From the time that I was a kid until now. I believe everyone leaves an imprint on you and your character, whether for good or bad.
5. Did you publish your book through a traditional publishing house? No. I self-published my book. I didn’t want it to be written by what anyone though it should be. I wanted total control of the content and subject matter. Not to say that there is anything wrong with those who do. It just wasn’t for me. And since I started my own publishing company I felt it to be important to learn the ins and outs for future artists so that I can teach them rather than just them walking in the dark.
6. Where does this book go from here? I plan to make this book into a trilogy. The main characters are all strong, and have voices of their own that needs to be heard.
7. Notable quotes from your book: “everyone has a choice”, and “right then and here I forgave both of them right on the spot”.

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