Book Reviews: Sinful Secrets by M' Hogany


Sinful Secrets by M’ Hogany is a dark and intriguing romance novel. One that pulls the reader deep inside its plot. The characters are exciting, strong, and seductive. This novel, I would recommend to those 18 and older to read.  The main female character in this novel is a pastor’s daughter who has a mom that enjoys helping her daughter try to find someone nice to date. It’s hard being a pastor’s daughter. But as the reader will find out that not all romances are what they really appear to be. The man she falls for is still married to his wife, whom won’t sign the divorce papers. What is even more interesting is that when he goes to talk to his wife, they end up making love to each other. Then afterwards, instead of kindling their love making, the man tells his wife that their encounter shouldn’t have happened. The wife feeling anger and perplexed at her husband, starts to call him all kinds of dirty words. He leaves his wife and then goes off to see the pastor’s daughter. She doesn’t want anything to do with him, until he is divorced. But he always knows how to push her buttons the right way.  What will happen next? Will the wife do something evil? Will the pastor’s daughter still love the man even though he is still married to his wife? What future will they have? I recommend other readers to pick this novel up and read what happens in the end. It will definitely spark your intrigue. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

Danielle Urban
AAMBC Reviewer

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