Book Review: The Perfect Marriage By; Kimberla Lawson Roby

14889822Certainly no marriage is without issues. If you are married and have never had trouble then that would need to be reevaluated. Mrs. Roby delivers a tale of gut wrenching truth that no one expects to deal with in any lifetime.

Derek and Denise Shaw are a very well to do couple, nice source of income for both, happily married with a teenage daughter named Mackenzie and jobs that allow them to live and have the best of the best. What reason would either one of them have to have a terrible dark secret that isn’t so hidden from sweet Mackenzie? Could their high salary jobs be the very thing that is causing them to have a life that is slowly spiraling out of control to the point that a roller coaster seems not so frightening at all?

The Perfect Marriage is packed with twist and turns that even a rattlesnake preparing to strike couldn’t coil and twist up. An innocent little problem that Denise has that she says she can stop whenever she is ready to takes such a major toll on the family that Derek who is harboring his own issues in his heart, but at best tries to lives as best as he knows how is now trapped in a lifestyle that only gets worse from where he is now. This entrapment leads to a bigger secret and deception that many would say no marriage can survive.

Is love really enough? Does love truly conquer all? Kimberla Lawson Roby takes us on a journey that will leave you upset if you read the book entirely too fast. The Perfect Marriage is definitely a book worthy of reading for every married couple or even those considering marriage.


Sophia Browne

AAMBC Reviewer

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