Book Review: Blessed Trinity By: Vanessa Davis Griggs

352852Joining a church is an awesome experience for anyone who is on a Christian walk of faith. Such was no less than the truth for Faith Alexandria Morrell who joined Followers of Jesus Faith Worship Center. But, just like many who join a church; she came with a past, with secrets, and heavy burdens. Such a past that it completely eludes those that she is attempting to get close to at the church. While wanting to help the First Lady of the church Mrs. Johnnie Mae Taylor-Landris, the issues of Faith begin to show which lead to a cataclysmic size ending that no one will see coming or let alone think would be possible.
Being the First Lady of a church is never an easy task, same being true for a Pastor of a church. Let alone being the Pastor of a mega church. This being the life that Johnnie Mae lives with her Pastor/Husband George Landris. But still being a Holy Ghost filled couple doesn’t erase the challenges of being a human at all. In fact, being a man of the cloth that makes you a target. Does being a Pastor and First Lady give you the strength to be able to stand against the darts of the enemy whether that enemy is members of your own church? Heaven forbid that it is your own family, and no please no, not a fellow laborer of the gospel.
Blessed Trinity will take you through the ins and outs of a church that certainly is no stranger to trials and triumphs. The question that has to be asked is how well do they know The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit? This book is certainly a read for anyone who loves Christian fiction.

Sophia Browne
AAMBC Reviewer

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