Book Giveaway: Journey Through Babylon by Darlene Johnson

Journey_Through_Babylon_CoverAt the impressionable age of eighteen, Alexa Alexander was well on her way to an unremarkable life. She was like so many young girls at that age; she’d begun her first year of college, she was eager to experience sex, and shed the rules of her strict religious upbringing. After years of a strained relationship with her devout Christian parents, Alexa noticed that her parents had changed and they had begun to relax their grip.  However, her hope of building a relationship with her mother and father was crushed, along with her faith, when she lost both of them in a tragic automobile accident.


Enough time has passed, but Alexa continues to grieve the loss of her family and the relationship she could have had with them. She realizes that the only way to rebuild her life, she must surround herself with friends and embrace the possibility for love. It’s a challenge that doesn’t come easy for Alexa. Most times, Alexa would rather hike the majestic mountains of Utah alone and then return to her apartment.


However, Alexa’s life takes a much different path than she could have ever imagined. Will her friends’ faith help Alexa overcome the anger of feeling that God has betrayed her? Will new love bring her hope, or simply more betrayal?


Poignant, provocative, and edgy, Journey Through Babylon explores the emotional minefield where faith and reality collide.


This is the first book of Alexa Alexander’s journey

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