Book 9: Books That Make You Go OOOOO

Imani True BOOK COVER 3Fatimah Strong is nothing like her name: she’s quiet, timid, and for over twenty years, she’s allowed her husband Malcolm to bully her.

Until she’s faced with the heartbreaking truth about him-he’s a porn addict and serial cheater living a secret life.

When faced with these truths (and a few others), Fatimah is forced to finally take charge of her life.

And more than a few people aren’t going to like the new Fatimah.

A little Sumthin Sumthin


I’m so not a lesbian.

But I’m falling in love with a woman.

You might ask ‘How can these two facts co-exist in a sane, educated person’s mind?’

Well, don’t ask me, ‘cause I’m just as confused as anybody over this.

I have a husband (at least, I used to), two great kids,

and a remarkable career.  Damn sure don’t need this drama in my life!

So how in the hell did I end up here?

Her name is Xiomara (pronounced See-O-Ma-Rah). She invited me to lunch and I’ve been sprung ever since.

You would be too.

She’s about 5’10”, 154 lbs with the most captivating eyes I have ever seen. It’s like looking into a Hawaiian sunset. And from the moment those eyes made contact with mine, I never wanted to be with anyone else.

See, I’ve loved men my entire life, and definitely had my share of them; been married for over twenty years. I even had a son with another man before I met Malcolm.

But after spending the better part of my life as somebody’s wife, mother, and maid, I wanted out.  I was emotionally drained and just plain tired of putting everybody else first. I was only forty-five years old, but I felt much older. Yeah, I had raised two kids, but I still looked good.  And I could pull men when I wanted to.

Trouble is, I didn’t really want to.

I had actually sworn off sex about a year earlier; it was too damn risky sleeping with Malcolm the way he was spreading himself around.

Instead, I channeled my energies into work, and with my youngest heading off to college, I finally had the time to focus on my future — something I hadn’t thought about doing since the kids were born. So I decided to go to law school; I figured it would look nice on my resume next to my MBA.

At the time, my husband and I were intimate only when he forced the issue. I still loved him, but in the end, sex with Malcolm had become this sadistic act that always ended with me battered, bruised, and in tears, so I’d learned it was best not to create any situations that would lead to intimacy with him. In my mind, it didn’t make sense to get him all hot and bothered when nine times out of ten, I knew what it would turn into. And that I would be the one left hurting when it was over.



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Imani True has been writing in secret all of her life. She wrote her first erotic story in 2007, and was fortunate to team up with Dreama Skye a year later. Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam is their first collaboration. Even though Imani has lived on the West Coast for over fifteen years, she still considers herself a Native New Yorker at heart. When she’s not writing, Imani keeps busy with a traditional 9 to 5, preparing for the day when her writing pays the bills. Her dream is to write on the beaches of Hawaii or in the Caribbean. Ms. True is currently working on several novels and a few screenplays with her son. Her work can also be read in Between the Sheets, published by Delphine Publications. Another collection with Dreama Skye is already in the works.

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