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perf5.500x8.500.inddTamia “Mia” Miles is a Southern girl from North Carolina who always dreamt of doing two things; having a career in fashion and getting married. Mia thought once she did these things she would be living the life she always dreamed about. That was until the love of her life, Saquan “Say” Miles decided to got into the fast life and put her last. Mia loves her husband so much she stays with him despite the countless hurts and life threatening pains she encounters. Then one day Mia learns the unthinkable of her husband and her life is tested. Will Mia finally get enough and put her feelings first, and leave Say or… will she forgive and forget as usual let’s see……


Miles Apart

Chapter 1


It’s Saturday, January 19th, 2008, four in the morning, and I have not seen Say since seven last night. Here I am, once again, sitting on the couch, watching Sanford and Son re-runs, writing in my journal, and wondering where the hell my husband is at this time of morning. He came in last night after he left his barber shop and changed clothes. Next thing I know he went right back out again. Say, short for Saquan, is my husband whom I’ve been married to for five years, but been together since we were 16 years old. Until this day, I wonder why the hell I am still with him. I have encountered so much stress, depression, sadness, heartache and pain with him. My crazy ass continues to stay with him and get hurt. My husband’s first love is money, followed by drugs, bitches and more bitches. Don’t get me wrong, I know Say loves me and our two young kids Savion and Shanae. However, spending time with us his family is not one of his top priorities. Instead he buys things to make up for it.

Yeah homeboy is fine as hell, light skin, with light brown eyes and buff as hell from working out a lot. He always has us laced in top gear and anything those kids want they get. They are good students too no matter what or how much drama Say and I go through, we never fail to let them know that education is very important. They are active in extracurricular activities and, as I do not work right now, I can devote all my time and energy to them. Savion, who is eight, loves football and basketball, while the five year old, Shanae loves cheering and dance. Therefore, I’m always the one who is busy with all the kids’ activities, whereas Say’s sorry ass runs the streets. I don’t have no time for myself and suffer from depression so badly that I take Zoloft daily, just to be able to function. I’ve wanted to kill myself many times, but my close friends and family stand behind me and step in when they need. Especially my Aunt Ann, she helps so much with my kids. As for my kids, it doesn’t matter to them that their father doesn’t spend any time with them; he can still do no wrong in their eyes. I just wish he would spend more time with them before it’s too late.

Its five twenty in the morning, my thoughts are suddenly interrupted by the sound of Notorious BIG’s, “Hypnotize” blasting from Say’s Tahoe. I lie down on the couch pretending to be asleep and here he comes in the front door, loud and tore up as hell. As usual, he walks over to see if I’m sleep, and then heads toward the kitchen. I can smell that he is reeking of Vodka and high as hell off cocaine. He tries to hide the cocaine use from me, but I know him better than he knows himself. I can even tell the difference if he smoked some weed or snorted some coke. This was definitely a coke night. Bastard is in the kitchen ranting and raving about being hungry after he has been out all night. Has me so pissed that I jump up and say “Motherfucker, you should have eaten while you were out hanging in the streets.” He starts cursing at me, saying how I don’t work but still can’t ever make him a meal for when he gets home. I shout back “Oh well motherfucker, I haven’t seen you since you got off.  I suggest your coke head ass go get something to eat and leave me the hell alone.” He just continues cursing me out and saying I better shut up but he knows that as long as he talks I’m going to talk. “Tell them slut bucket bitches you fuck with to make you something because I’m not going to.” He starts yelling back, “Mia, you better take your ass upstairs before I smack the shit out of you. I should tell these ho’s how sorry your ass is as a wife!” I just ignore his lame ass and go upstairs. That dude makes threats but has never physically put his hands on me. The words are just like punches though. I just sit on my bed, crying my heart out because no one who really loves you would treat you this way. Next thing I know, I hear the front door slam, music blasting, and his tires screeching off. That’s just like Say to start an argument so he can get his ass back on the streets. Knowing this sorry ass jerk, he probably had a bitch waiting somewhere for him. I just lay my ass down because it is almost 6:00 am and cried myself to sleep like all the other late nights or early mornings.



TDM_4681nbookTamika Melvin-Williams is an upcoming Author and Poet who was brought up in Brooklyn N.Y.  Currently she resides in Raleigh N.C. with her husband and three boys. Tamika has always enjoyed reading and writing since her younger days because it helped her escape the real issues she was encountering in her life. She always enjoyed reading and writing, and was recognized in school for having such a creative mind. Poetry was her niche since she her middle school days, but her inspiration to write a novel was always there. It wasn’t until 2009 that Tamika decided to write a novel, but she almost lost her life and the life of her children in very bad car accident.  Filled with drive and preservation Tamika did not let that stop her and penned her first novel, Miles Away Torn Apart.  Filled with creativity and imagination, takes the reader on an emotion rollercoaster ride with every page that they will turn.

Tamika’s goal is to raise self awareness of the AIDS epidemic, and the effects of  substance and physical abuse on today’s society. Her motto is “no one is promised tomorrow so stay true to yourself and faithful to God.”

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