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Angel's Memoirs Front Cover for E-Books (3)Have you ever wanted someone so bad you could feel them on your skin, taste them on your tongue?
Just a hint of their essence has the power to captivate you… question your sanity.  Every dream you have, trance you’re in, revolves around the two of you embraced in the explosive passion that you now both seem to be overly addicted too.
Are you now the undisclosed possession of another?
I marveled in our mutual connection as he craved the intensity of my fire.
Now that it’s over, how do you turn it off?  I’m trapped in a web of obsessions… but I’m not that girl…I’m not!
All my aspirations rotate around the influence of one man’s fortitude and the dominance of his soul.  Together, we were a smoldering supremacy of orgasmic flow.  Alone, I am broken, edgy and extremely mischievous.  I tease the man I need with the warm bodies I want.
Have I totally lost myself?
How do you escape the prison of internal chains when you’re not even willing to admit your own submission?
Life alters innocence and corrupts its own.  But I refuse to be a statistic.  I will overcome him…  I have to.

“Eli pulled me closer towards him so he could put his tongue inside of me and taste the fruits of my garden.  My eyes rolled back into my head as he explored every inch of my secret. The answers were his to find. He licked and sucked and sucked and licked. I craved him so bad, but he was being stubborn… he wanted me to beg for it, but I wouldn’t. I kept taking it as long as he was giving it, but for how long, I was unsure. I know his dick wants me, shit needs me.  I know I can’t hold out for much longer, but I have too!  Just when I thought I had the situation under control he placed two of his fingers inside of me as he sucked my pussy just to tease me… fucking bastard!
Just when I was going to give in and tell him I wanted him, needed him, he lifted his head from between my legs.  He sat completely up and pulled me down to his waist.  He placed my legs around his back as he stared into my eyes.  I was so happy it was almost hard to contain. Eli placed himself inside of me and it felt so good I wanted to cry.  I pushed my body down hard enough onto him to gain access to at least 8 inches in one mighty pounce.  I felt his strength rumbling inside of me, like a fucking fighter jet!
He gave me full access to his powerful penis when he climbed on top of me. I knew for sure I was going to pick up the other 4 inches in his climb, so I didn’t rush. Eli exhaled slowly as the full grip of my pussy forced itself to be consumed by him, overcome with authority. My hips rocked up and down on him with fucking intensity, so much so that he fought me for dominance, but I would never give up my claim.
I own his dick, and every chance I got, I was going to show his ass just how much.  We went at that shit for an hour… twirling, pumping and smacking around the bed. I know I busted like four fucking times to his two, but it was so good. I couldn’t stop!  I needed him to fuck me today.  I needed to feel him fight for my love. I had to feel how much he deserved my love, and how badly he wanted to keep it.”

1. What inspired you to write the first volume of the Angel’s Memoirs Trilogy, Angel’s Memoirs Vol. I?
Answer: Angel represents women in our rawest of forms. She is sexy, strong and extremely confident. Self-sufficiency is her strongest attribute and I honestly felt an obligation to chronicle her resilience. We are powerful creatures who can accomplish anything and somewhere along the line that truth has been misplaced. Angel’s Memoirs Vol. I reminds us just how dominating women are and I am honored to be on the other end of such a mischievous pen.

2. How did you come up with the title?
Answer: In my opinion, Angel’s are the most miraculous creations. They breathe life, and personify hope and freedom. Angel is every woman who has ever let loose and truly lived…even for a second.

3. What is your specific writing style?
Answer: Stories come through me in diary format. It’s just something about talking directly to my audience that brings the entire writing experience to life. Bonding with my readers gives me the feeling of infiniteness. To forever live in the definition if my words

4. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
Answer: Definitely. Never let anyone else dictate your destiny. Live always as the master of your fate and the queen of your castle. Life is a game riddled with obstacles…decide how you want to play.

5.  What makes Angel’s Memoirs Vol. I readers go ooooo?
The first volume of the Angel’s Memoirs Trilogy is more than a book, it’s a cover-to-cover soul awakening experience that keeps readers teetering on the edge of their seats. Each chapter, a mini-series in itself, demands more and more of the audiences’ attention and leaves them yearning to indulge deeper into Angel’s erotic abyss.
“I couldn’t even put this book down! It was with me on the way to work, after work, and before bed! It’s crazy how a book can pull you into it…. This is the book of the year! Can wait till the next book!!!!!! :D”

6. Are the characters’ experiences based on someone you know, or events in your life?
Answer: The characters and experiences described in Angel’s Memoirs Vol. I are those of extraordinary circumstances. The story was written with an open heart and free spirit – which means personalities and situations, may seem familiar to some and downright direct to others. We are all connected through our experiences.

7. Do you have anything specific you want to say to readers?
Answer: Absolutely…THANK YOU! I am humbled and honored to have so many readers identify with my intimate thoughts and invest in my vision. This project proves the age of the full-blown novel has returned…with a twist, and Angel’s Memoirs readers attest they are undeniably here to stay. The response to Angel’s Memoirs Vol. I has been substantial to say the least and I am tremendously grateful. Volume II is in the works…

8. Did you learn anything from writing your book & what was it?
Answer: Be true to yourself.  Don’t be afraid to step out of the box, stand on top of it and jump up and down!  Individuality is what makes us who we are.  Never be afraid to be yourself.

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