Book 4: Books That Make You Go OOOOO

HARD COPY FRONT COVER copySingle, Spiritual…AND Sexual!  begins with a young Black woman’s inner struggle between her religious beliefs and her sexual desires.  When she realises that she is still able to develop a relationship with her Creator despite being sexually active and unmarried, he begins to question all the other things she was taught to believe.   She reaches a point in her Christian walk where she feels she can no longer continue walking in ‘blind faith’.  The day she asks God for ‘the Truth’ marks a turning-point in her life.   Join Suzanne on her 11-year transformational quest for ‘the Truth’ about sex before marriage, the creative power of our thoughts, Universal Laws, her African ancestry, and the his-story of the bible and religion she had been indoctrinated into!   A familiar journey for thousands, this sensational book breaks some unspoken taboos in a thought-provoking yet enlightening way that many can relate to.  Forget 50 Shades of Grey, this is 50 Shades of BLACK!

Cezanne is a Self-taught Visual and Spoken Word Artist and Self-published Author; her work is a creative expression of her spiritual journey.  Since asking God for ‘the Truth’ in 2007 she has painted 11 paintings, written and recorded over 22 poems and songs, and has just published her Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’    Cezanne lives in London, England, and is a happily single mother of 3 young men.

Get to know Cezanne:

1.     Where do you get your inspiration from?  A:  I love that word ‘in-spiration’.  It indicates towards something coming from within.   I see God as my Source, but through my spiritual journey, I’ve learn to look for God within, instead of outside my Self.  I have no formal training in writing or art, but I’ve learnt how to be guided by my in-tuition.  When writing or painting, all I’m doing is following my inner guide.

2.     Is your book an autobiography?  A:  Although I have drawn from some of my most profound life experiences, I would say that not more than 40% of the book could be classed as ‘autobiographical’.  It’s true that I had a religious upbringing, and that I reached a point in my Christian walk where I felt I could no longer continue walking in ‘blind faith’.  I did write a letter to God, and it was after asking God for ‘the Truth’ that my life took a sharp turn.  I decided to write this novel to share everything I’ve learnt since asking God for ‘the Truth’, but I also used it to stretch my imagination to its limits!  Fantasy and reality are so blurred, that it doesn’t make sense trying to tell the difference between the two!

3.     You seem like a prolific writer, do you ever suffer from the dreaded ‘writer’s block’?  A: Well actually I was a blocked writer and artist for over 20 years!  Since leaving school, my creativity was crippled by low Self-esteem, and not believing in my Self.  The voices in my head were always telling me I wasn’t good enough, talented enough, pretty enough etc. to make anything of my life.  I started working with Positive Affirmations and literally ‘reprogrammed my mind to replace my negative thinking patterns with positive thoughts.  One of the affirmations I used was “I am a prolific writer” so they work – but you do have to keep repeating them to your Self constantly, they don’t work overnight!  When I unblocked as a writer in 2001 it was like a floodgate opened, and out poured all the poems, songs and books I had stored up within me.  I’ve written enough poems to complete two poetry CD’s.  Some of them feature in the novel.

Cezanne head24.     And you’re also an artist? A: Yes.  When I unblocked as an artist in 2008, I went out and bought a load of canvases and oil paints and just threw my Self into painting.  Even I was surprised at the results, as I’d never painted with oil on canvas before!  The painting on the front of my book ‘Black Butterfly’ was one of the first paintings I did, and I was surprised at how I was able to use some of my other paintings to illustrate the concepts in my novel.  One thing I’ve learnt to do is just go with the flow of life.  There’s a page dedicated to my artwork on my blog.

5.     What was the main message you wanted to share through your book?  A: That spirituality and sexuality go hand in hand, they are not separate from each other.  When we learn the importance of our sexual energy, we won’t abuse it.  I learnt a lot just from writing this book, especially about Sex Rituals. Our sexual energy is powerful enough to transform our lives, if we learn how to harness it.  It’s kind of ironic that when I was a practicing Christian, sex was like an obsession.  But now I know how powerful a sexual union between a Black Man and Womban can be, I no longer have any desire to join my Self with any Tom, Dick, or Howie.  Another important message in the book is the creative power of our thoughts.  When I learnt that my thoughts are creative, and that I am powerfully creating my future with what I am thinking about, saying and putting action to TODAY, I wondered how I had never learnt that in all my years of going to church.

6.     I’ve read the novel and it is truly beautiful.  Does the character ‘Charles’ really exist?  A: The way the two main characters met was based on a true-life experience (he also gave his version of events in Year Five of the story), but aside from that, I created the character in order to impart the knowledge I’ve accumulated since 2007.  In reality, there was no man who educated me.  That’s just a fantasy.  However, I do believe in the creative power of my thoughts, words and actions, so if he didn’t exist before, he’s in the making!

7.     What’s your next step with regards to your book? A: I’m currently writing a Bonus Chapter which will cover Years Twelve and Thirteen (bringing the story to the year 2013). Once that’s completed, I’ll be going on tour to promote the book, its complimentary poetry CD, and my artwork.  My goal is to reach a minimum of 1,000,000 Black Womben and Men by the end of 2013 with my book.  I’m also developing workshops and talks around the topics covered in the book.

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