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IntimateSessions-Nadege-Front-FinalA hot collection of seven short erotic stories that are captivating, romantic, realistic and full of pleasure.  The reader(s), who are the characters, in these stories will become enthralled moment by moment stroke by stroke.  With each sexual adventure you will be left satisfied with pleasure yet yearning for more.  INTIMATE SESSIONS explores the most pleasurable encounters; steamy, risky, seductive and romantic that is sure to reveal an undeniable sexual interest.  Pour a a tall glass of wine, grab a hold of mate or your favorite toy and enjoy the ride.


Suddenly, I’m jerked back to reality by an enticing aroma that has nothing to do with Jamaican black pepper: it’s the spicy fragrance of a man’s cologne.  I turn to find a tall, square jawed gentleman preparing to sit down.  His hair is perfectly lined up and he is rocking a five o’clock shadow goatee.  Just enough to let me know that something wild is kicking under that smooth exterior. And when he flings off his suit jacket, with just the right amount of casualness, it’s easy to  make out the definition of his muscles through his white dress shirt.  Judging by his ,face, though,  he seems to have had the same kind of day that I did.  In an effort to respect his personal space, I unobtrusively reach across for the saltshaker.  He glances over with a smirk that reminds me of the man in my beach fantasy.   I strain to grab the shaker.

After a few moments he says, laughingly, “You can ask me to pass it to you instead of trying to break your neck.”

“You look about how I feel,” I reply.  “I thought I saw a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your face.”

“Twelve hours of dealing with ego-tripping people can really wear you down.  I guess I really need to work on my poker face huh?”

In my best Lady Gaga voice “P-p-p poker face, p-p-poker face”

We share a laugh and then gaze up at a basketball game playing on the TV.  After a few moments he wipes his hands and introduces himself. Looking him up and down, my impression is that he is manly; he has a football player’s broad shoulders, and his chiseled face exudes chivalry.  We continue to watch the game and during the commercials we exchange little snippets about ourselves, such as what we do for a living and our likes and dislikes. Time really does go by when you’re having fun with a handsome stranger, because next thing we know the restaurant is about to close.

I excuse myself and slowly make my way to the ladies’ room, conscious that he’s


probably watching my gentle sway, I purposely put an extra bounce to my walk.


620260121_2215229039_0 (150x200) (2)Born into a Haitian family of doctors, engineers, nurses and entrepreneurs, it was only a matter of time before Nadège tapped the potential of her family heritage.  At the bubbly age of seven, she used her natural gift of leadership to organize and hire a team of employees to run her lemonade stands.
Like many women of today Nadège wears many hats; manager, publicist, artist developer, event coordinator and now writer. An entrepreneur with a diva style Nadège states, “I need to have options, I cannot be stuck in one category it only stifles my creativity.”
Receiving a Bachelor Degree in Communications at Northeatern University, Nadège  never thought that life was going to shift her course.  She embraced the challenge and started to   Publish her works online for friends’ eyes only, she began to receive positive feedback. Her desire to write grew along with her friends’ hunger for more of her exceptionally stimulating erotica  titillation. In 2010, she was encouraged enough to compile her stories into a book called Initiate Sessions.

Get to Know Nadege:

Q. How did you start writing?

A. I use to talk about writing a book but never had the desire to follow through with it until that one boring day at work in 2005. I started to write my first story THE CLUB during my lunch break. Even though it was not a complete story, I decided to post it on MySpace and by doing so I received a lot of good feedback. I would receive many messages in my in-box asking me to write another story, so I did.

Q. What inspired you to write the book?

A. More like who inspired me. I was inspired by my friends and family but mostly my online friends.  After posting some excerpts on Facebook, they started to demand that I collect all of my stories and create a book. That is how Intimate Sessions was born.

Q. What was your favorite part of the book?

A. I don’t have a specific favorite part but I will say that I do enjoy writing the Intimate Session parts.  I like to be very descriptive during these scenes.

Q. What was the hardest part in completing your book?

A. The hardest part in writing a book is the editing part.  After reading the stories 10 thousand times, you think that the story is complete until someone else reads it and provides more questions for you to answer about the characters. At times I would be frustrated because I couldn’t answer the questions right away. When that happens I usually take a day or two and not think about the stories at all.  When I feel that the writers block has been lifted, one or two things happen, I go to my favorite spot in the living room, play some slow jams and complete the story or I start writing a whole new story. Eventually I complete the task at hand.

Q. Which comes first? The character’s or the story line?

A. The story line comes first for me. Something will happen or I would be at a certain place and a vision about a story will pop up in my head then I build the characters off of that.

Q. Are you self published or with a publishing company? Why did you choose that route?

A. I am self published. I chose to go this route because I did some research and went to a writers meeting and they gave some valuable information. They told us that most times when you go through a publishing company, they have the rights to your work and they can change your concept to fit what they want.  I didn’t want that to happen to me especially on my first book.

Q. What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?

A. My advice to an inspiring writer is first, write what you love and are passionate about. Second, make sure you do your research and see who are your competitors. Lastly make sure you take the time to find and hire a great editor that not only fits your needs but believes in your work.


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