Book 6: Books That Make You Go OOOO

bookHave you ever been in love, but was hung up on past heartache? After years of abuse from her father, she mustered up the strength to leave him in search of independence and happiness. Little did she know, she would find it in the arms of Jonah Redwood, an aspiring lawyer who falls hard for her since day one. Even though she loves him, her past relationship makes her mind plays tricks on her. And when her brother finds out about his wife infidelities, it makes her less of a believer in fairy tales. Can Jonah show her in love, there can be happy endings, or is she doomed to follow in her father footsteps?

: Around ten-thirty, I jumped up after feeling my phone vibrate. Beatrice looked at me like I lost my mind as I checked the caller id. “Are you ok?” Beatrice asked. “I gotta take this.” I responded as I dashed away from my area. I quickly answered the phone. “Jonah…”

“Are you alone?” “Give me a second.” I went into the female bathroom and check the stalls to see if anyone was there. “I’m good.”

“WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING? ARE YOU OUT YOUR GODDAMN MIND!?!” He yelled. I didn’t really hear Jonah curse like that, let alone yell at me, so I was taken back by that statement. I looked at the caller id again and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. You must’ve meant to call…”

“WHEN DID YOU KICK ADRIANNA ASS!?! AND WHEN THE HELL WAS YOU PLANNING ON TELLING US ABOUT IT?!?” Busted… shit! I said to myself. “Um… after you left my apartment.” I said, sounding worried now.


“No I’m not! And on the stand you going to have to tell them where you got that information from and then you will have to implicate me in that! So not only did you put yourself in fuck town, you practically fucked me and your brother!” “Oh god…” I groaned. “Jonah I did not mean for that to happen. Can I just plead guilty…?”

“Like hell you are. There is no way in hell I’m letting you go to prison!” Judging by the situation, that have to be the sweetest thing anyone said to me, but I didn’t let that on. Instead I asked in fear from what my actions just done, “so what are we gonna do? Bay… just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

“Answer me this… Did you tell her anything when you seen her?” SSSSSHHHHHIIIITTTT! “I said I was delivering a promise to her that I made when the two got married.”

My elbow fell on the countertop and my forehead fell in my palm. “OH MY GOD!” “How bad is it?”

“IT’S BAD! If it was when you picked up your brother, then I could argue it was in heat of the moment. Now that I know you did that once I told you…” “Well technically… technically, I guess.”

“A jury who full or corpses would not buy that. And as I was saying, since you said that, her lawyer could argue that it was premeditated, it could lead up to attempted homicide.” Jonah said. Once I heard that, my mouth flew open. “Well then, can I have another shot? I mean, if I knew I would be charged with trying to kill the bitch, I WOULD DEFINTELY MAKE SURE IT LOOKED LIKE I’D TO KILL THAT BITCH!” I took another deep breath. “Jonah… baby… just tell me what to do. Please, I’ll do anything; just tell me what to do.”

BornTrue Bethea is a native New Yorker who have moved to the greater Philadelphia area at the age of 15, where he still resides. He is now a student at Delaware County Community College, majoring in business communications as well as minoring in English. He also contributes as a blogger along with his friends on

Get to know BornTrue Bethea:

1. Where did you get the idea for this book?

When I was working 3rd shift, I was working with a girl, I’m gonna keep her name out and anyway, she have been telling me all her dating details so the idea struck me and I been writing this book ever sense.

2. Independent or publishing house?

Independent. I know about the odds and ends of self-publishing, and also, self-publishing wasn’t really my first idea, but I was getting tired of the rejection letters from publishers as well as agents so I did it myself.

3. Why don’t the narrator have a name?

I had gotten the idea from Eric Jerome Dickey from The Other Woman. The book was so intriguing and also, I found myself going back and forth looking for the narrator name, and when I found out that she didn’t have one, I saw the pure artistic genius behind that and I wanted to somewhat continue what he had started.

4. Is this the first novel you ever publish?

Yes and it won’t be the last.

5. Are you going to stick with the romantic genre or are you going to branch out?

I am going to branch out. I feel that an artist needs to branch out or he will be stuck in that one stereotypical category.

6.Do you read more than you write?

Yes I do, and that surprising because I write for about two to three hours a day.

7.Is there more work we should look out for?

Yes. I am working on a sci-fi urban gridiron now that should be done around Halloween. Also, I have another sci-fi coming out in the summertime.


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