Book 1: Books Thats Make You Go OOOOO

Front-Cover-Cat-N-Mouse-Final2BWhen a stalker threatens Alexandria ‘Princess’ Prescott’s life her father hires Samuel O’Malley, as her bodyguard. This ultimate Daddy’s girl is not about to take orders from a rent-a-cop she hates on sight and is determined to get rid of him. When her nightmares of the past force their way into the present the only person she can turn to is Sam.

Samuel O’Malley is not crazy about babysitting a spoiled socialite so he lays down the law. It’s his way or not at all. When he’s confined to close quarters, his ‘look but don’t touch rule’ becomes hard to implement as the sexy Princess is not what she seems. As the stalker threat escalates it becomes a deadly game of Cat ‘N Mouse.



Sam’s anger had snapped her out of her dream-like state. There were worst things in life to contend with than being hit on…then she realized something was wrong — very wrong.

He glanced into the rearview mirror again then jammed his foot on the accelerator. The vehicle leaped forward.

Before Alexandria finished buckling her seatbelt, they were hit from behind which such force that jolted her forward. Trembling hands worked at warp speed to fasten the seatbelt, but not fast enough.


His hand shot out and caught her before she hit the dashboard. She quickly snapped the clasp into the buckle. Shaking.

She looked into the rearview mirror and a saw a pair of headlights charging toward them again like a monster in the dark.  A scream tore from her throat as the vehicle barreled down on them. This time when the truck hit them the seatbelt held her, biting into her shoulder.

Tires squealed, metal crunched and the Land Rover swerved violently. With precision control, Sam kept on going, keeping the vehicle from sliding into the ditch. He shifted gear and gunned the SUV but the monster truck kept pushing at them. Sam swore and shifted gear again. The Land Rover fishtailed as it sped away from the truck. He had about a block between him and the truck but the truck was closing the gap quickly.

“Hold on!”

Sam slammed on the breaks and the SUV spun out and she thought they were going to roll over when the two wheels left the road then dropped down on all fours again, rocking them back and fourth. Somehow he managed to keep them from rolling and stopped the Land Rover facing the truck charging toward them.

The truck came to a screeching stop.

A standoff.

“What are you doing?” Alexandria’s heart hammered in her chest as panic set her heart racing. There were no other vehicles on the road. No one to help them. “No. Keep going.” She clutched at his arm. “Please.”

“We can’t outrun him. Eventually, he’ll run us off the road and we’ll end up in the ditch a few miles up the road.”

Sam grabbed the gun from his shoulder hostler. He reached over her lap and shoved her door open. “See that tree over there?”

She was going to die. First it was the man with the blood this afternoon, and now this. A paralyzing fear took over her body. Someone wanted to kill her.

“Sweetheart,” he said quickly, dividing his attention between the idling truck and her. “I need you to listen to me.” He grasped her hand and squeezed it. “When I start shooting, run for that line of trees right over there and stay there until I call you.”

“He’s coming right at us!” she screamed.

Sam jumped out of the SUV. “Run!”


Yvonne - Pub 1Yvonne Harriott sold her first short story, The Wedding to Today’s BlackWoman magazine.When she was told that her story had been published, she bought all the copies of the magazine in her local bookstore that same day.

She has written two collections of short stories – a romantic collection entitled, The Wedding and Other Short Romantic Stories and The Invitation and Other Short Stories – a dramatic collection. Hide ‘N Seek was her debut romantic suspense novel. The sequel, Cat ‘N Mouse was published at the end of August 2012. Hit ‘N Run is the final book in the series with a release date of May 2013.

When she’s not writing, she loves to travel. She enjoys classic films and fine chocolates.


Get to Know Yvonne:

  1. What inspired you to write your first book, and what was it?

I’d written a collection of short stories over the years. Most of them were written for contests. Some have won and placed in contests. One particular short story entitled, “The Wedding” was published in Today’s Blackwoman Magazine, September 2001 issue. I compiled all the short stories that I’d written and divided them into two collections – a romantic and a dramatic collection. “The Wedding and Other Short Romantic Stories” – the romantic collection was the first book that I published.


  1. What inspires you to write?

My imagination…just about anything. If I read an article in the paper or see something unusual on the street, whatever it may be, my mind is instantly thinking how can I incorporate it into a story. A perfect example…on my way into work I saw a woman, great shape, tanned and fit with long blond hair. She was wearing a black bustier (she was spilling out of it), black shorts and rubber boots walking a pit bull at seven o’clock in the morning. That’s a story waiting to be written.


  1. What are your current writing projects now?

 I’m working on Hit ‘N Run. Hit ‘N Run is the final book in the “N” series. I don’t even know if I should call it a series. After I wrote, Hide ‘N Seek, I couldn’t let go of the detective, Samuel O’Malley so I gave him his own book in Cat ‘N Mouse. Hit ‘N Run is Sydney’s story. She was a character in Hide ‘N Seek, living in the shadow of her sister.

  1. Can you tell us about the main character?

 Alexandria ‘Princess’ Prescott is one of the most exciting characters I’ve ever created. I had so much fun bringing her to life on the page. She’s a daddy’s girl, stubborn, a little self centered, spoiled and rich. She’s also living a double life. There is a transformation with her character as the story unfolds and I think that’s when you fall in love with her.

Sam O’Malley, what can I say about Sam? He hates rich people and he’s a perfect match for Alexandria. He’s a control freak with all sorts of issues. He was shot in the line of duty and it messed him up. There are a lot of things going on with him that he needs to work out through out the story, yet he spends most of it in denial. Alexandria is the perfect love interest for him because she pushes him to his limits, constantly testing him. He eventually has to face his demons.


  1. Do you have any advice for other writers?

Write and Read. You have to keep writing to hone your skills. I read somewhere you should read everything. I don’t agree with that. Read what you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy what you’re reading you won’t learn anything from it. When I’m not writing, I read. I love romantic suspense. When I’m not reading romantic suspense, I enjoy biographies. I’m fascinated by people’s life story. I also love legal suspense. The best advice I would give to other writers…Go for it! Don’t get discouraged. I think you have to write because you love it.


  1. What do you do to unwind and relax?

 I love classic movies and listening to Motown. That’s how I unwind and relax. I was so happy when the Turner Classic Movie channel came along. Casablanca is my favourite movie. I can watch it over and over again and it’s like I’m watching it for the first time.  There’s nothing like mellowing out to the sounds of The Originals or the Temptations. I tend to include a bit of my musical love throughout my stories with the songs I love.


  1. Have you ever had writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?

Not a lot. When I come up with a story idea I do a character sketch on who the characters are and what their role will be in the story. From there I do a quick synopsis on how I think the story will flow that’s usually about a page. Once I have that complete then I start on the scene. I usually have a note book with me so I can write scenes as they come to me. By the time I get to my computer I’m just transferring my notes from the pad to the computer. I find when I do this I keep writer’s block at bay.


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