Bona Fide Street Thug by Donald Ray Johnson

photo 2Chi-Chi is a young wealthy female living with the fact that nothing has been done about her brother’s murder. The police are of no Help, and when she learns that Houston’s own, “Money Black”, could be her brother’s killer, she has to find a way to face this Notorious

drug dealer. But Chi-Chi has no street sense and no connection with the underground. All she has is money.

Torn, she is forced to confide in her ex-boyfriend Cornelius and Offers him one million dollars to find out if Money Black actually behind the murder. Cornelius could only think of one person when he’d heard that name and the amount of money being offered. His big homey Javoo, a street hustlin’ mastermind and the one person Money Black Hated the most.

Bona Fide Street Thug lets you explore the dark world of robbery, drugs, kidnapping and murder. It is a story that defines the life of Houston’s street hustlers and the plots that scandalously pursue our number one resource: money.


DRJ Final PhotoDonald Ray Johnson is a motivational speaker and writer with a little over 4½ years of experience in the publishing business. He is the leading author and co-founder of Southern Classic
Publishing LLC, a Texas based company, who’s mission is to make a bold statement from the south. He is the author of the urban classic, BONA FIDE STREET THUG and many other novels that are to be released in the near future. In 2005 Donald was sentenced to prison, where he discovered his own ability to write street fiction. He is from Houston Texas and currently uses his time wisely, tutoring other incarcerated authors, who are seeking to get into the business of publishing.

Get to know Donald:

Q: What inspired you to start writing Street Fiction and when
did you start?


I started writing street fiction in the summer of 2009, after
having a debate with another guy on who could write the best
street stories. At the time, I really didn’t know the first thing
about writing a book and I hadn’t played that much attention to
any urban novels.

Q: What is Bona Fide Street Thug about and what do you hope readers will gain from it?

Bona Fide Street Thug is about a street hustlin’ mastermind named
Javoo. He’s a jacker, but he kinda has this good guy-bad guy

thing going on through the whole story. When a girl that he knows
brother gets killed, she comes and asks if he could help her find
out if a notorious drug dealer named Money Black killed her
brother. It’s a real good story. It’s heart-felt. I didn’t write
the story to specifically teach anything, but I do think it will
enlighten some readers to some of the things that actually takes
place out on the streets. It’s reality. I don’t write stuff that’s
too farfetched.

Q: What made you write this particular story?

I wanted to write about someone who does bad things but still has

a good character. My main character Javoo is a full-blooded
criminal, but there’s just something about him that makes everyone
like him. He’s the true definition of what it means to be Bona Fide.

Q: Could you tell us what sets your book apart from many of the
other urban titles?

The story line. Some of the characters in the story don’t really
know each other, but they’ll come to find out that they’re
connected some kinda way. It also makes you feel like you’re a
part of the story and that you’re connected with the characters
as well.

Q: Have you written anything in other genres of the literary field?
Oh yeah! I have a Young Adult book, an Adult mainstream novel I
might put out by the end of the year and an Urban Fantasy novel too?
It’s a vampire book and the first of a series. I’m kinda like the
real deal with these books. I feel that a lot of people don’t see
me comin’.

Q: What are some of the other accomplishments you wish to make as
an author?

I would like to have best sellers in 4 or 5 different genres. I
feel I have the right kind of material to make that happen and I
want it all to be done under Southern Classic Publishing

Q: As an author/publisher, where do you see yourself and Southern
Classic 5 to 10 years from now?


As an author, I see myself standing out amongst a lot of other

magnificent talented authors simply because of my writing style and
my hustle to increase my knowledge. Also because of the move I and my
wife decided to make by starting our own publishing company in the South
region. As far as Southern Classic Publishing goes, I can see it being
one of the biggest publishers from the State of Texas and the amongst
the other leading African American Literature publishers in the market.
With a lot of hard work and dedication, that is!


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