Betrayed Again By. David Givens

Coming March 2011 from Trpile Crown Publications

Sherrice Valdez aka The Queen Bee is back and this time she is running things.  The money, power and fame are all hers for the taking.  However, all her good fortune isn’t without its setbacks.  In the male dominated world of the drug trade she still has to prove her worth and navigate through all the beef and naysayers.  She runs afoul of a powerful drug lord named Rico Reed in Minnesota when she seeks to expand her empire.  If that wasn’t enough men within her own crew, the GMC, resent the fact that she is in charge are determined to see her falter. 

            With her hulking psychopathic enforcer, Big Mo, at her side she tries to balance her professional career with her illegal one.  Tragically it doesn’t seem like that will happen anytime soon when the drug lord sends an assassin to take her out.  Not to mention the new anti-gang task force headed by the obsessed Detective Williams is always lurking on her heels.  Then her dead fiancée’s brother shows up seeking answers into his brother’s suspicious death.  Old feelings and secrets threaten to overcome her as she struggles to keep her head above the water.  

            She receives a taste of her own medicine when someone in the shadows seeks to uncover her dark secrets and bring them to light.  Can she stay alive and out of jail long enough to find out who is trying to bring her down?  Or in the end will someone be Betrayed Again? 


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