Behind Those Books Premiere Highlights



May was Book Expo America week in New York City. This expo is the largest in North America and I was excited to be able to attend several different events like the Black Pack Party, the Cash Money Content, and most of all the Behind Those Books Movie Premiere. To my surprise I would grace the red carpet for photos and an interview hint the video up above, I was completely caught off guard. But nevertheless I adjusted to the limelight and was excited to be in the same standing area with literary greats.

The film touched on the topic of OUR books. When I say OUR I mean our people (black folks). The genre of urban lit or street lit has often times been judged about the stories we write and with this film they showcase many reasons on why we write the way WE do. The film featured great writers and lecturers such as Michael Eric Dyson, Terry McMillian, Cornel West, and many more. As well as some of our leading urban fiction writers such as K’Wan, Treasure E. Blue, Anthony Whyte, Terri Woods, as well as literary publicist, book vendors, and readers.

I was happy to finally see someone highlight our reasons for our stories and to see so many people come out and support. I believe that seeing this film will allow others to feel our struggle to be heard, our desire to be read, and our hopes to be at the top of the game. I feel that now, even with the creation of the new label Cash Money Content, we are finally being embraced.

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